What’s a Talent Buyer and How You Can Benefit from Hiring One

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Written by Tim Grable

March 16, 2017

Have you read about the term “talent buyer” but could never figure out what exactly they do?

Don’t worry; we got you covered.

In fact, in the following lines, you will find everything you need to know: from accountabilities to what’s in it for you.

The Definition of a Talent Buyer

If you are looking for a TL;DR version, they are the ones in charge of making the most important part of your big event happen. It includes venue booking and securing artists to perform on-stage.

There aren’t many people in the world with the right network of contacts to be able to pull it off.

Professional talent buyers are the ones who can efficiently negotiate with artists and independent managers or agents. They are also the ones who offer you a contingency plan, in case anything goes wrong.

Top Qualities of a Professional Talent Buyer

What's a Talent Buyer and How You Can Benefit from Hiring One

Some people may feel like this job is not a big deal and anyone could fill in. Anyone could negotiate and convince artists to perform at an individual event.

However, what most don’t know is the amount of work needed to become a professional.

Talent buyers need to be constantly on the lookout for everything new. They have in-depth knowledge of the live music stage, and they focus on multiple genres. They attend as many festivals as possible, concerts and other related events in their search for new talents.

Last but not least, they are passionate and dedicated to the entertainment business. They have no problem with replying to tens of booking request emails per day, securing advertising and marketing the event to their network of contacts.

How Hiring a Talent Buyer Benefits You

Big event organizers do need a team of professionals to be able to pull off everything and achieve their goals. If you are the one who needs to take care of absolutely every aspect, there’s a high chance you could either forget something or feel overwhelmed by the sheer complexity of the event.

So, hiring talent buyers can help you big time. They can take care of:

  • Developing and managing budgets,
  • Negotiating performance agreements and fees,
  • Communicating event listings to audiences,
  • Executing the event,
  • Renting the venue,
  • Negotiating contracts with venues and managers,
  • Hiring performers,
  • Developing an audience,
  • Hiring a production team,
  • Renting all the production equipment, if needed.

Additionally, their network of contacts usually includes agents, managers, performers (musicians, bands, singers, DJ’s), record labels and publicists.

How Do Talent Buyers Work

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You may be under the wrong impression you will have to hire them full time to take care of all the aspects mentioned above. However, most of the professional ones work in a project-by-project style.

If you are wondering about fees, things are a bit more complicated. Some talent buyers will require a guaranteed amount of money for each artist, and that is it. Others will ask a percentage of the tickets sales above the guaranteed amount.

It depends on how big your event is and how much work is required.

The Grable Group can be your talent buyer. Working with us gets you a vast pool of multi-talented artists and decades of experience in providing top-notch entertainment for both corporate and charity.

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