Tips for a Flawless Corporate Event and Blunders You Need to Watch out for

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Written by Tim Grable

May 22, 2017

Many corporations now understand how important it is to organize special events to motivate employees, improve teamwork and generate enthusiasm.    Still, so many events of this type end up being just ”OK”, not great.

The food is decent, the decor is beautiful and the entertainment is so-so. These are all words that usually describe mediocrity, and you certainly don’t want your corporate event to be average and dull.

4 Tips for a Flawless Corporate Event

So what makes an event flawless?

Well, it is all about creating an enjoyable experience for your guests, one that they will love to remember for years to come. Sounds pretty complicated? It does not have to be. Here are 4 tips that will help you throw an amazing event.

1. The Timing Needs to Be Right

When it comes to hosting an event, when is just as important as how. You do not want employees to feel obligated to attend the event. You want them to see it as an opportunity to interact with their colleagues and have a great time.

For that to happen, you need to set a date that will please most of the guests. Make sure the event does not overlap with important holidays when people would rather spend time with their families than take part in a work-related activity.

Also, keep in mind that people usually need time to plan ahead to attend an event, so make sure you do not invite anybody on short notice.

2. Make Your Corporate Event Interactive

It is not always easy to make an event interactive, especially when you have a large guests list. However, if you do not want to see attendees snoozing over their desserts, being bored out of their minds, this is an important aspect you should not overlook.

Adding an element of interactivity will give guests a chance to be more active and take part in the event, rather than just be present. For instance, you could:

  • Organize themed game tables.
  • Set up a fun photo booth.
  • Include some trivia games, and reward winning teams.

The important thing here is that everyone feels included. Also, make sure you do not overdo it, and that you give people time to breathe between activities.

3. Encourage Networking

A corporate event is an excellent opportunity for employees to create valuable connections with their peers. However, people often feel awkward when given the chance to connect with individuals they might not know much about besides the fact that they work for the same company. If you could group attendees by common interests, they may find it easier to interact with each other.

4. Remember that Entertainment Is a Must

Quality entertainment is what often makes the difference between an ordinary corporate event and an amazing one. We’ve already established that the latter is the one you want, so you should make it a priority to book the best entertainers to perform at your event.

Too many times, companies neglect this aspect and end up regretting their decision not to invest in quality entertainment. A great entertainment number can re-energize the crowd, inspire and set the right mood for the night. Our performers understand the requirements of a corporate setting, and can make your event stand out from the rest.

If there’s a particular performer you are interested in, make sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible. 

Whenever you’re planning an event, failure can be just around the corner. No matter how thorough you are, there may always be some aspects you overlook.

It’s entirely human! However, the stakes are so high when you host a corporate event! Who would like to risk their company’s future and the way people perceive their brand?

We should learn from others’ mistakes, instead of making our own.

How about we go beyond our “human” nature and toss in a bit of a “constructive paranoia”? These are five things you should keep an eye out for and avoid:

1. Poor Logistics and Coordination

 5 Corporate Event Blunders You Need to Watch out for

Have you ever been to a meeting where you could see from the beginning the lack of planning? Then you know the outcome is not positive. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes and imagine their frustration.

  • No clear directions to the venue. What a drag! The lack of indications is annoying to your guests and sets up a tiresome problem for the event planner as well. Can you imagine the number of calls asking for directions?
  • Slow registration process. How keen on the event can people be after standing in line for many minutes on end to register?
  • No printed meeting program. Even theaters and operas have such prints! When it comes to business, handing out programs is a must. People feel comfortable to know what to expect.

2. Slow or Dysfunctional WiFi

We live in a digital world. The lack of Internet connection is almost like depriving people of food or drink.

Business people are always engaged in something. They send emails, share information on social media or simply talk to other partners on the Internet. It can be quite daunting to make them feel disconnected during your corporate event.

Plus, the Internet may allow attendees to check in at your event. Or, they could share valuable insights they get during your well-organized meeting. It would not be wise to miss on this opportunity of free publicity.

3. Lousy Attitude of Staff, Managers or Event Planners

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There is no better way of irritating business event attendees than a poor attitude from the organizing team. Imagine how you would feel like a guest to such event if:

  • The staff looked tired and exhausted, instead of happy and energized
  • The managers appeared nervous or touchy, revealing insecurity rather than confidence
  • The event planners were angry or rude, instead of being friendly, welcoming and reliable.

Any of these attitudes disqualifies a company right from the start. Attendees may even leave the meeting. Not to mention the bad publicity you can expect to get from that moment on.

So, make sure the staff is well trained to welcome guests in a highly professional way.

4. The Same Old Corporate Event Pattern

Here’s another terrible mistake that planners make. They keep including the same elements in the program: Registration, Opening speech, Sessions, Party.

There’s no problem in having some predictable ingredients in your meeting structure. However, people tend to appreciate diversity and some bits of unpredictability.

Take a look at your previous meetings plans. Are they all the same? Then, start making some changes for the next event.

5. No Entertainment Variety

It may be surprising, but people do care about entertainment in a corporate event. The worst thing is to keep inviting the same speakers or entertainers who your guests have gotten familiar with.

How exciting can it be? Of course, performers may come up with new fun or inspirational content. Even so, it’s hard to meet guests’ need for freshness and originality.

Keep an open list of entertainment and performer options:

  • Inspirational speeches with renowned speakers
  • Clean comedians, introducing a bit of inspired fun
  • Live music with either instrument players or singers.
  • Creative art performers like sand artists, painters or shadow performers

Keep bringing fresh fun experiences for every business meeting you plan. It’s a significant step to success.

How to Make Sure the Guests Don’t Get Bored at Your Corporate Event

A successful event can boost employee morale and bring many opportunities. However, an event cannot be successful if the audience becomes bored. If that happens, they will stop listening, and your message will lose its power. Here are some tips on how to avoid that and keep your guest entertained.

Use Visuals during Your Speech

A picture is worth a thousand words. To keep your audience interested, use visuals to strengthen your points. This way, the guests have something to look at while listening.

The easiest and most cost effective way of presenting visuals is with a video projector. If your company does not own a projector, you can rent one. There may also be TVs installed at the venue. Use those as well if possible but a projector is necessary for a big crowd.

Use easy to understand videos and images. Some guests may not be able to tell what they see if the pictures are too small or complex.

Visuals make a corporate event easier to follow. Just ensure that the images you use are relevant. If your presentation does not need visuals, do not add them just for the sake of it.

Have a Few Small Breaks

During long speeches, your audience may become tired and uninterested. A short break every hour or two gives people time to freshen up and regain their energy.

The problem with intermissions is that it may degrade the mood your speakers are setting. To avoid this, give your guests the option to participate in activities.

These activities can be anything thought-provoking or stimulating. Just make sure that they are relevant to the overall theme or message of the corporate event.

Intermissions can rekindle the audience’s interest without breaking the flow of the ceremony.

Encourage Interactivity

To keep the guests attentive, involve them in the discussions. Avoid boring them by structuring the event more like a discussion than a presentation.

A time-tested method of involving audiences is by organizing a Q&A panel or segment. The best moment to do this is at the beginning and end of the event. The guests might have questions regarding the topic at the beginning. They might also want clarifications at the end.

Another option is to show social media posts from the audience in real time. This way, they stay entertained by expressing themselves without interrupting speakers.

These methods prevent boredom as well as strengthen the effect of your event.

Book High-Quality Entertainers for the Corporate Event

The best way of keeping your guests entertained is hiring a professional to handle it. Corporate comedians and speakers are the best options.

To pick the best person for the job, you need to consider the audience first of all. There are many different types of humor, but not all of them will work well. The entertainer should tackle relevant topics to the event. A professional will keep the guests attentive without deviating from the subject.

How to Make Sure the Guests Don't Get Bored at Your Corporate Event

Use comedy as an icebreaker and to maintain a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. A good comedian will make the event unforgettable and entertaining.

Motivational speakers inspire your guests and leave them with a powerful impression. Not only will your audience be entertained but they will also gain respect for your company.

When choosing a speaker, look for references from their previous clients. Those are often the best indicators of their abilities. If possible, meet with them in person and see for yourself if the entertainer is the right fit. Choosing the best artist is paramount so do not rush the decision.

How to Find Reliable Entertainers

There are very many talented individuals who can wow a crowd. Booking one who will represent your company well is the hard part. It is best to work with an agency that can recommend entertainers based on your needs.

We are such an agency, and we want to help you organize and extraordinary event. Get in touch with us and we will help you find the best entertainers for your audience.

Contact us now to get access to our fantastic list of performers, speakers or comedians.

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