4 Tips On Motivating Your Remote Team in the New Year

tips On Motivating remote Team

Written by Tim Grable

December 8, 2020

Everyone can agree that 2020 was a long year, filled with many trials and tribulations. The excitement for 2021 is palpable.

An unfortunate result of the economic challenges faced this year was the impact on employee morale and motivation. Job uncertainty and health anxiety made it difficult for people to set goals, individually and as a company.

At the turn of the New Year, managers have the opportunity to hit reset and find ways to encourage and inspire their workforce to be focused and engaged. Read on to hear about four tips on motivating your remote team so that you can start the year off strong.

Tip #1: Find Ways to Celebrate Your People

Companies use the holiday season to celebrate the year’s achievements and milestones. Holiday parties, gift exchanges, and bonuses are all ways for companies to show their gratitude for employees. They also give workers the chance to decompress after a grueling 12 months.

Due to health concerns, most companies are unable to partake in these annual festivities. The pandemic, however, is not an excuse to ignore workers’ achievements this year. With enough creativity, you can still find a way to applaud everyone for their hard work.

Depending on the size of your company, remote team, and your budget, you have several different options on how you can celebrate. Whether it’s a gift exchange or a cocktail hour, try to find ways to make the celebration special. For example, you can surprise your employees by sending a drink or mixer to their home through a same-day alcohol delivery service. People will appreciate the personal touch of receiving their favorite beer, wine, or spirit. Not to mention it’s a lot easier to cheers your accomplishments when you have a glass of your favorite beverage in hand.

Tip #2: Focus On Your Team’s Wellbeing

Motivating Your Team and Wellness

Zoom fatigue, social isolation, and work burnout are all outcomes of the large-scale adaptation of remote work. As 2020 nears its end, companies and telecommuters have likely adjusted to this new normal, and have eased some of the growing pains workers experienced over the past several months. Moving forward, think of 2021 as an opportunity to help employees embrace the positives of the virtual office while minimizing the bad.

Hosting virtual wellness activities can be a great way to give your employees the tools they need to stay healthy and happy. For stress relief, you could organize monthly yoga or meditation sessions for people to participate in. Or if you want to encourage cardio, you could host a dance class. These activities not only have a physical and mental benefit but are also excellent team building activities.

Winter also brings about various illnesses, like the flu, that some employees will catch throughout the next several months. Make sure to have good policies in place for employees in the event they become sick. For example, providing ample sick leave and assisting them in utilizing telehealth can go a long way in minimizing the stress of being sick.

Tip #3: Set Goals for Your Remote Team

To motivate your staff in 2021, you need to set achievable goals. By setting strategic goals, you are able to generate both a long-term vision as well as short-term motivation. Just as individual goals can help people reach new heights, businesses also benefit from having objectives as it helps guide your company to succeed. This has a trickle-down effect, as your employees will feel the momentum and excitement affiliated with setting and reaching goals.

2020 clearly presented many hurdles and challenges for companies, likely preventing many businesses from reaching their set objectives. This makes setting new goals for 2021 key to rapid growth and development.

Tip #4: Maintain Positivity Going into 2021

After the trying year that was 2020, maintaining positivity isn’t the easiest thing to do for anyone. Positivity, however, is important for people’s overall wellness and stress, so finding ways to encourage it across your company is essential. It isn’t logical to think that everything will be perfect this coming year, but that shouldn’t dissuade your company from embracing the ability to start over in the new year.

This positive attitude should be something you encourage throughout your company culture. Be intentional in the feedback you give, and be sure to tell your remote team when they do a good job. For example, utilize company-wide shoutouts when you want to recognize an achievement or to have co-workers show their support for one another. You can also bring in a virtual speaker to provide your employees with an outside perspective on topics, such as positivity.

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Maintaining your staff’s motivation isn’t an easy task, especially when everyone is working remotely. There are several things you can do to help encourage people throughout the upcoming year and help them stay proud, healthy, goal-oriented, and positive. Your company culture and productivity will be better for it. Here’s to 2021!


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