Top Entertainment Ideas for Events that Will Wow Your Guests

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Written by Tim Grable

May 4, 2017

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Coming up with top entertainment ideas for different types of corporate events is not only a stressful task but one who can consume days of your time.

Hiring the right type of entertainment for the event should almost always be the organizer’s top priority. In many cases, the event’s outcome depends heavily on this decision.

Read on to find out some of the best entertainment ideas which will turn your corporate event into a memorable experience for your guests.

You Can’t Go Wrong with an International Speaker

At least in theory… While it may take an extra bit of work, booking a keynote speaker for your event can prove to be a wise decision.

Before actually hiring, make sure the entertainer will align with your company’s values when taking the stage. Then, you should clearly know what you will be asking for the presentation. Do you want the speaker to both motivate and educate your employees? Clearly state so.

To look for international speakers, you could head on to Google and try your luck when looking for top entertainment ideas for events. For extra peace of mind and a smoother process, just browse The Grable Group’s selection.

Top Entertainment Ideas for Events that Will Wow Your Guests

Top Entertainment Ideas for Events: Corporate Comedians

Stand-up comedians are one of the most appreciated types of entertainment. However, there’s a catch: some of them use insults and foul language to stir laughter. Sure, it might be a bit okay for a young and hip startup, but a big company has a reputation to defend.

Hiring clean corporate comedians also ensures that none of your employees or business partners feel offended by the on-stage jokes.

You can browse The Grable Group’s portfolio of clean comedians perfect for corporate events right here. Any of those entertainers will add real value to your event and increase your guests’ level of satisfaction.

Musical Entertainment Ideas for Corporate Parties

If you feel like your event should only be about having your employees relax and have fun while networking, music might be just the thing you are looking for.

While a good old-fashioned DJ might do the trick for some, if you want guests to come to your corporate party and be blown away, you should consider hiring a proper musical act.

For example, if the event you are organizing is a black-tie gala, the String Angels would be a perfect fit. Their show is incredibly mesmerizing, complete with beautiful choreography and stylish dresses.

Learn more about the String Angels.

Book a Celebrity

Do you feel like your guests would highly appreciate a famous person walking on the stage? If that is so, booking a celebrity might be the top idea for your corporate event.

Tom Arnold is one of the most famous corporate entertainers alive. Additionally, he is multitalented and incredibly funny. He also runs various charities and loves to get involved with engaging attendees while raising funds for a greater cause.

Having Tom Arnold as a headline entertainer at your event will also send a message of strength to your employees and make them feel privileged for working for such a company.

You can find more information on how to book Tom Arnold on this page.

The Grable Group is a booking agency and entertainment company managing a select pool of top entertainment ideas for events. If you have any questions or need other entertainment ideas, you can either get in touch with us online or call right away at 615-283-0039.

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