The Trends Corporate Event Entertainment Follows this year

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Written by Tim Grable

April 14, 2017

Competition – the one trigger setting each industry into motion. Moreover, the one aspect that’s going to be a cornerstone for every business – depending on how you manage it, you can win big or just be a fish in the pond.

In the trends corporate event entertainment follows, ‘set yourself apart’ is a golden rule which you can approach mainly by:

  1. providing flawless services
  2. coming up with an entirely fresh perspective.

If you are only focusing on the first approach, it may be high time you thought of jumping into the innovators’ boat as well. This way, you will take one of the safest routes to edging your competitors.

To do it in a smart fashion, you can have a look at the trends corporate event entertainment follows likely to shape this year.

Better Rounded Marketing Operations

When we say ‘better rounded,’ we do not only mean a more unitary approach to a marketing strategy.

We also imply that a corporate event entertainment agency should strive to be more active with its online presence – and not only around the time of an event.

Building a steady and loyal audience is just as important as in any industry.

What you should strive for is being there – in your potential guest’s feed – as constantly as possible.

To achieve that, think of building a community where you can share:

  • useful tips
  • event takeaways
  • fun team moments
  • offbeat entertainer information

The Trends Corporate Event Entertainment Follows in 2017

This way, you are going to be able to achieve more than traffic – you can build a name in the industry.

Plus, this is one way of gaining word-of-mouth referrals, which are likely to become the most honest organic marketing effort within the next years.

Tapping into Emotional Intelligence

Corporate events have long ceased to be rigid, impersonal or all-business in their content.

It is because the business world started to pay more attention to the personal development aspect within employees. Which led to a wider range of EQ-related (emotional intelligence) topics:

  • mindfulness
  • cross-industry skills
  • consensus management
  • corporate social responsibility

Another emerging trend in this respect is the increasing use of separate lounges for the more introverted audience segment.

table, pillow, living room

This trend means event planners should partly reconsider their entertainment choices. For instance, they could book keynote speakers who are both renowned professionals and have a flair for comedy.

This way, you tick two boxes and once: both formation and recreation.

Trends Corporate Event Entertainment Follows- Less Formality, More Attendee Contribution

As well as diversifying its topic agenda, the corporate event industry is also seeking to place more emphasis on participant contribution.

This means entertainment is becoming more modular, so to say. What you can do is offer a few acts guests can:

  1. choose from – based on a customizable agenda.
  2. suggest – according to past preferences and networking patterns.

There are more and more event software solutions which help planners track existing and prospective participants’ preferences, so 2019 is a good year to start considering them.

Moreover, one more thing: when the attendees are offered the driver’s seat, it naturally follows that event approach is becoming less formal.

This is something that is already happening in the business world – events are thought of so as to be a ‘loosen up’ time.

Thus, a more democratizing attitude is being cultivated. Less formal speeches mean organizers seek to close the gap between speaker and guest. One of the Trends Corporate Event Entertainment Follows with Keynote speakers and leaders this year is to share experiences and inspire, rather than to fashion themselves into intangible authorities.

The three headlines we expanded upon sending a clear message to those in need for corporate event entertainment. Seek for performers who can convey a laid-back vibe and adapt quickly.

At Grable Group, we do have some pretty appealing options you can check here or learn about by filling in this contact form.

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