Types of Business Events which Require Quality Entertainment

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Written by Tim Grable

March 3, 2017

Every business should organize live events from time to time. Here are the main benefits your company will get by doing so:

  • build brand recognition
  • create stronger connections with your clients, sponsors or partners
  • strengthen the community around your brand
  • build trust
  • establish strong leadership.

Business events do not have to be too pensive. On the contrary, we believe quality entertainment can make a huge difference to the overall experience.

Entertainment does not necessarily mean comedy, but it does mean having a good time.  Business events can be fun for everyone involved.  In this article, we are going to walk through a few types of business events every company should organize throughout their existence and which you must hire entertainment.

Let’s see what they are. 

Types of Business Events which Require Quality Entertainment

Types of Business Events which Require Quality Entertainment

1. Product launch party

This is probably one of the most exciting ones, both for the company which is throwing it and for the attendees. A product launch party is a perfect opportunity for you to create buzz around a new product.

It is one of those types of business events which has to be dynamic, fun and unforgettable. Who would be perfect for a product launch party?

2. Holiday party

This is one of those types of parties your employees look forward to all year long. It is also a great opportunity for you to show your appreciation and to thank them for all the hard work they have done in the past year.

For a holiday party, you can go as wild as you want regarding entertainment. Here are a few examples of entertainment you can hire:

3. Seminars

Among other types of business events which possess business growth potential, seminars are not always a go-to option.

They are usually organized with an educational purpose for your employees. However, you want to prevent them from getting bored during the presentations.

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The success of a seminar is represented by the fact that it is not a monolog. The audience needs to be engaged and not just sit and listen. The best way to break the ice? Hiring an entertainer who will know how to make your audience relax.

The type of seminar you are having will determine what kind of entertainment will be the most appropriate for your event.

However, you can be smart and exploit this potential by organizing business seminars which provide genuine value. People will be more inclined to buy from or collaborate with an expert.

4. Tradeshow

A trade show brings together members of a particular industry and the idea behind this type of event is for everyone to discuss the latest news, products or services in the industry.

It represents a great way to connect with prospects, generate new leads and position yourself as a tough leader.

5. Team building

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Team buildings are a must, no matter the size of your company. They can increase your team’s productivity, trust, teamwork, and morale.

There are tons of activities you can put together and come up with which will help your employees build a connection.

When taking a break from the activities, you can have them sit down and listen to a motivational or inspirational speaker. There are also many industry experience entertainers who can help with your team building event.

 6. Award ceremonies

This is one of those types of business events you can host once per year. An award ceremony has the purpose of boosting employee morale and to recognize all the hard work they have done for your company.

7. Corporate anniversary

Anniversaries are so exciting, especially when it is the one of your own business. It is almost like celebrating the birth of your baby.

Once a year, you have to throw a fabulous party with all of your employees and show your gratitude towards them. To make it extra special, we recommend you to throw in some entertainment, preferably one who can make everyone laugh out loud.

You know what they say: Work hard, party harder.

8. Business dinners

A dinner represents one of the most traditional business events out there, which is usually held for a range of reasons.

For example, you can organize a business dinner if you want to celebrate a milestone, a new partnership or celebrate the relationship between you and your clients.

Types of Business Events Which Can Benefit Your Business

9. Networking Events

Much like seminars, networking events are your way of showing others that you value their growth and invest time and effort to contribute to it.

Invite local professionals, provide your business insights, host a workshop, organize a conference. Whatever you decide, make sure you promote it extensively on social media channels, so that you get a large number of participants who’ll further generate word of mouth.

One other thing: think out a long-term strategy with several types of business events, so that you can build momentum and actually attract connections that’ll further contribute to your business growth.

What Business Event Are You Organizing?

These are the top five types of business events for which entertainment is a must. Will you be organizing one of them soon?

Fuel Your Business Events with the Best Entertainment

Whatever the purpose of your business event, one of the most important aspects which should not miss from your checklist is quality entertainment. Alternatively, in case you need an experienced speaker.

These types of business events need to be as fun and memorable as possible, which is why the performer is much needed to entertain your guests.

If you need help selecting the best entertainment for your business event, know you can count on us.

If you will, then you should contact us to talk more about the entertainment you are going to need for your event.

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