13 Unique Company Event Ideas for Cool Businesses updated for 2019

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Written by Tim Grable

March 20, 2017

Are you tired of the same old, stale corporate event ideas? Why don’t you try something new?

Forget all the business problems and stress and read about these thirteen unique company event ideas. They are guaranteed to make everyone feel good and relaxed.

1. Global Gala

That is one of the cool event ideas fit for small or medium-sized businesses. Assign each attendee or couple a country. Their mission will be to bring food and drinks specific to that country.

It will all be a multicultural event, where people will have fun and learn about new things. You will need to prepare some tables so that each of your employees can display their country.

13 Unique Company Event Ideas for Cool Businesses updated for 2019

2. Unique Company Event Ideas Inspired by Woodstock

Peace and music – let your employees bring out their inner flower-power. That is always a great idea for a corporate party. You don’t need a particular occasion, but someone’s birthday seems fit.

Ask the employees that will attend to dress up like “the Woodstock generation”. Older people will know what that means.

Younger people will need to learn what it is about. Woodstock is considered to be one of the 50 moments that changed the history of rock and roll. So, it’s a lovely idea to keep the memory alive.

3. “Who Am I?”

This idea is excellent for small business parties. It is also cost-efficient and lots of fun. The principle and the idea are easy to organize.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Buy name tags for each attendee
  • Find a list of famous people
  • Write a famous name on each name tag
  • Place the name tags on your attendee’s back
  • Tell them that by the end of the night they need to know who they are

That is an excellent way to determine your employees to talk with each other. They will need to interact as much as possible. They will have to ask questions like “Am I alive or dead?”, “Am I female or male?” and so on.

4. Prom Night

Here is one of the most unique Company Event Ideas ever. You’ll want a venue with tables and a dancing floor. Make sure it’s big enough to accommodate everybody.

Use decorating lights, flowers and balloons. Get some cool entertainment as well. A band would be the best choice.

Alter Ego, for instance, have played at dozens of corporate events all over the world. They can surely offer your employees an unforgettable prom night event experience.

awards, red carpet, gala, dress

5. Red Carpet Event

Make your employees feel like Hollywood stars! As mainstream as it may sound, this isn’t so popular among event ideas. You just need a venue or a fancy restaurant. Put a red carpet at the entrance and hire some photographers.

Ask your employees to dress elegantly. Hire a great singer and pianistTo add some more flavor, ask the attendees to act like their favorite movie stars. There you have it! The recipe for a great night is complete.

Unique Company Event Ideas That Will Stand the Test of Time

Great corporate ideas don’t need to be complicated. Actually, certain event types are timeless, and not that much of a hassle.

Is it because they are spectacular? Not necessarily. It’s because they bring you, your employees, and even your community together.

Here are five that you and your guests will appreciate:

5 Corporate Event Ideas That Will Stand the Test of Time

6. Consider Gift Giving as an Event

Think of the years you’ve spent at the company. If you’ve been with them for a long time, you’ve probably enjoyed them – ups and downs included.

That is your chance to make your corporate event ideas about giving back. Whether it’s for your employees, your friends, or your customers, everybody loves a gift.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Hold a charity. They might not tell you that, but people love giving. You can tie the concept of the charity back to your business. Maybe you can find potential business partners among the bidders.
  • If your company is selling a product, hold an anniversary sale with your best ones. Your loyal clients should get a gift for their continued interest. You can also offer them a special discount for other items in your product range.

7. “Limited Edition” Corporate Event Ideas

If you do want to offer a new product at your event, give your public a sense of urgency about it. People like to feel exclusive, so they appreciate you are offering something whose production will be limited.

Of course, you should always concentrate on your employees first. Offer them something exclusive to show your appreciation for a job well done. That improves employee loyalty in many cases.

Or, you could go the way of the memorabilia. Create a time capsule with your employees’ memories.

Include things that represent your company as a whole. Maybe some products that are now out of production. Or pictures of team members from years past. It’s all up to your team to decide what goes into it.

8. Good Old Entertainment

When all else fails, you should keep your corporate event ideas simple. Most people don’t want to attend flashy galas and noisy parties.

If you want the event to be held in great regard, make it memorable. And what better way to make something impressive than by creating a story about it? Something that can be passed over to newer generations.

Entertainers like Heidi Schwartz do just that. She creates live paintings of the event you attend. If you give her the necessary info, she can customize the picture according to your company ideals.

Hang that picture on the company hallway for everyone to remember!

heidi schwartz live painting

9. Less Traditional, More Interaction

As we’ve mentioned, people don’t like attending just any party. Make yours unique by giving it a twist.

For example, hold a company scavenging hunt. It will have immense success if you’re marketing to Millennials. But people of any age can attend, and that’s what makes it so inclusive. It brings out the inner child in everybody.

People are empirical beings. They’re much more likely to remember something they’ve experienced, rather than just attended.

That’s why you remember hitting your head when riding your bike as a child. But you don’t remember attending Sally’s birthday party the day before that.

10. Leave Your Mark on the Neighborhood

People in your community surely appreciate your business. After all, not every leader can say they’ve held an anniversary party for their company.

While you’re at it, sponsor something in your area: A team, a charity, a non-profit. Show people you care about your community. This way, your ideas will truly stand the test of time.

Still not sure how to create a memorable experience? We understand. Not everyone has the same budget or time to think up a very good idea. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Last-Minute Corporate Event Ideas for Lazy People

Everybody is looking forward to that company event next month, but you just started thinking about planning it right now. That means you’re probably beginning to panic a little bit. No need to do so, since we’ve got you covered!

These event ideas are perfect if you’re running short on time and inspiration, but you still want your event to be a total success (so that you can take all the credit for planning it, of course):

11. You can’t go wrong with a themed event

The last thing employees want to attend another boring corporate event where they’ll have to act totally professional and not be able to show off their personality. If you want to give employees a chance to let loose, nothing beats a themed party, but it’s important to think outside-the-box if you want to surprise attendees. For instance, you could:

  • Plan a future themed party and ask everybody to dress like something from the future. Keep the decor simple and serve drinks named after things in the future like “The Flying Car” or “The Teleporter”.
  • Organize a 1001 Arabian Nights themed party. Think mysterious treasures, Persian carpets, low tables, and divan seating or cushions. In this case, Persian and Middle Eastern restaurants make for the perfect venues.

The important thing is to choose a theme that will allow everybody to get away from their everyday selves and have some fun with their colleagues.

12. Hire a comedian

Since we’re talking about corporate event ideas, we couldn’t leave this one out. It’s no joke: Laughter brings people together and strengthens relationships with co-workers.

Booking a comedian is an easy way to take care of the entertainment for the night, and rest assured that everybody will have a good time attending the event.

Last-Minute Corporate Event Ideas for Lazy People
However, you need to be careful when choosing who is going to perform, since you’re planning a corporate event, after all.

You need someone who uses clean humor, someone who can make jokes without offending anybody in the room. For that, we recommend somebody like Jeremy Hotz. His humor will certainly please your audience and bring your event to life.

13. Book a ventriloquist

Your event will definitely stand out if you decided to hire a ventriloquist. It might seem like an unconventional choice, but the audience will most likely appreciate you trying out something different.

In this case, we think Steve Brogan would be a good fit. He mixes stand-up comedy with ventriloquism and improvisation, all to engage with his audience and make them laugh out loud. Also, he is able to script his shows to include audience participation, so employees will feel included in the performance.

Ready to put these event ideas into action?

We hope these corporate event ideas have picked your interest and that you now feel less panicked than you did when you started reading this article. Keep in mind that regardless of your choice of event, you’re going to want some sort of entertainment.

That’s one more thing we can help you with! We represent a wide array of professional entertainers who will help you make it seem like you’ve been planning the event for months in advance.

The Grable Group is a prestigious booking agency and entertainment company. Working with us gets you access to a select pool of speakers, artists, and clean comedians.

You also get excellent guidance and help with marketing your event. Feel free to contact us online if you have any questions.

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