4 Unique Company Party Themes that Are Sure to Be a Hit

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Written by Tim Grable

May 8, 2019

Are you in charge of planning a themed company party and your client has specifically asked you to steer clear of the same old ideas which have been done a million times?

As an event planner, it’s not always easy to come up with unique company party themes which are both creative and will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of four fun themes which are sure to shake up your client’s event – and be a hit with the guests!

4 Unique Company Party Themes that Are Sure to Be a Hit

1. The Graffiti-Inspired Party

What is the easiest way to put a new spin to the artistic party theme? You make everyone a canvas. More specifically, with this party concept, guests are asked to arrive at the party wearing a plain white t-shirt.

At the venue, everyone will have access to a vast array of colored fabric markers (make sure to use non-toxic markers which wash off). As the night develops, guests will take part in fun creative activities where they will get to test their artistic skills on co-workers t-shirts.

To double on the artistic vibe of the event, consider booking a live event painter who can also give a few painting pointers to guests as they color each other in.

You can even think about offering a prize for the best human artwork at the end of the party.

2. The 24-Hour Holiday

What’s the only thing better than a party? That’s right, a vacation! Also, with this party theme, guests get to have a taste of both.

To successfully employ this idea, rent a huge house with a pool as the venue for the party. Create a holiday-like mood by offering guests cocktails when they arrive at the mansion, as well as complimentary bathrobes.

It’s also a great idea to take guests on a planned itinerary featuring some of the main attractions in their city. This way, they’ll get to be tourists in their town and perhaps discover something new and excited about where they live.

3. The “I Shouldn’t Be Here” Party 

If you’re looking for unexpected unique company party themes, then this idea will be right up your alley. Why? Because the whole concept revolves around bringing together things you wouldn’t normally associate with the setting of a company party.

For instance:

  • Ask attendees to come dressed in anything but party wear. Think scuba gear instead of a suit or an alien costume instead of a sequin dress. Creativity is the name of the game here, so encourage guests to think outside the box.
  • Serve drinks from glasses you’d typically see in a lab. Shots from a test tube, anyone?

You can also try something new with the decorations. Now is your chance to experiment and pitch those weirdly-eccentric ideas you haven’t dared pitching before.

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4. Around the World Potluck

Everyone has a unique cultural background, and this is one of those unique company party themes which celebrate the diversity that exists in today’s global workplace.

When organizing this event, the food being served should be one of your main priorities. Think about working with a food catering company which specializes in different cuisines from all over the world. Variety is key here.

You can also encourage guests to bring a traditional dish or food which reminds them of home to share with their co-workers. With this party theme, guests will get to learn more about each other and perhaps share a happy memory from their childhood or home country.

Which of These Unique Company Party Themes Are You Excited to Try?

We hope you feel inspired by the ideas included in this article and you will consider pitching some of them to your next client who asks you to plan a memorable company party.

For more inspiration to make your job as an event planner easier, check out some of the other resources posted on our blog.

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