4 Variety Acts that Are Perfect for a Company Anniversary Party

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Written by Tim Grable

June 17, 2017

A company anniversary party is a perfect occasion for the whole team to get together and celebrate all the hard work and dedication which went into reaching a business milestone.

As you already know, no celebration is complete without quality entertainment. However, choosing entertainment for a corporate anniversary is not always easy.

To help you out, we have put together a list of four variety acts which will turn your party into a memorable event that will be the talk of the office for weeks.

Let’s get straight to it then!

4 Variety Acts that Are Perfect for a Company Anniversary Party

1. The Skating Aratas

If you want to surprise guests with an entertainment choice which is entirely outside-the-box, consider Victor and Jenny Arata (The Skating Aratas)! The two make an excellent pair both on and off-stage.

The incredible husband and wife duo always dazzle their audience with their flawless roller-skating skills!

All they need to put on a mesmerizing show is a small, round stage and some music. Their chemistry on stage is incredible!

It is no surprise their show is recognized as the Best Variety Act in Las Vegas! Just check out their performance on the Ellen Show, and you will see what makes this daring team so widely successful!

The Skating Aratas : The Ellen Degeneres show

2. Contortionist Sofie Dossi

If you are looking for a unique entertainment idea for your company anniversary party, we recommend Sofie Dossi. 

As a competitive gymnast and dancer, Sofie put a lot of time and effort into reaching the full potential of her strength and flexibility. She made her first attempts in the entertainment industry after performing at family and friend celebrations.

Being the determined young woman that she is, Sofie managed to further advance her skills by watching YouTube videos and practicing at home. It was not long until she caught the eye of entertainment companies.

Now, she performs at large events throughout the country, and your company anniversary party could be next on the list.

3. Corporate Magician Jason Michaels

Everybody loves magic. So, why not book an experienced magician who has plenty of experience in the industry?

Having worked for numerous Fortune 500 companies, Jason Michael has the skills needed to elevate your event.

What’s great about Jason is that he combines comedy and suspense with magic and storytelling in a way which engages the entire audience.

His signature performance style will help bring a new level of engagement and sophistication to your event. Most importantly, it will ensure every single guest will have a good time.

However, his abilities are better seen in action than explained. Check out the video below to get a taste of what he can do on stage:

Jason Michaels Speaker Highlight Reel

4. Juggling Champions and Comedians Raspyni Brothers

The Raspyni Brothers, or Barry Friedman and Dan Holzman, are one of the most in-demand acts on the corporate entertainment scene. Why?

Well, for starters, they have the ability to put on a hilarious show which audiences will never forget. Their style of comedy combined with their world-class juggling skills will energize your guests and leave them wanting for more.

Also, their experience touring as an opening act for top artists such as Robin Williams and Tony Bennett, helped them better understand the mechanics of connecting with an audience.

It is also important you know that you can book them as:

  • headline entertainers,
  • emcees,
  • master of ceremonies,
  • alternatively, keynote speakers for your event.

They will do an excellent job fulfilling either of these roles.

Want More Entertainment Options for Your Company Anniversary Party?

You can book any of the artists mentioned in this article by simply giving us a call at 615-283-0039. 

However, if you want to see more alternatives before you make a decision, we encourage you to take a look at some of the other entertainment choices available on our site.

We are confident you will find the best fit for your upcoming company anniversary party!

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