The Variety Acts on AGT You Should Have Your Eyes on

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Written by Tim Grable

November 18, 2017

If there’s one type of entertainment which can sure leave an audience speechless, that is variety entertainment. Dynamic and powerful are its best attributes, and the ‘wow’ factor is almost always guaranteed.

So, it is no wonder variety acts on AGT are usually going through to the superior phases. They are too striking to be left behind.

The great advantage variety performers have on America’s Got Talent is the fact they have an entire production team to help them out with delivering stunning acts.

So, here are the variety performers who impressed the viewership this season.

The Variety Acts on AGT You Should Have Your Eyes on

Light Balance

We talked about attributes like stunning, remarkable, outstanding. Well, if it were to find the perfect embodiment for them, we would present you the Light Up dance crew.

Their act, Light Balance, is a feast for the eye, with unique dance costumes sewn onto with neon lights.

These lights add an extra dimension to the already amazing choreography and moves Light Up bring to the stage.

Sara Carson and Hero

Variety acts on AGT have often included pet training acts with great success throughout time.

So, when Sara brought her dog, Hero, to the AGT stage, everyone was instantly charmed.

However, there is an explanation for this instant positive reaction: Sara Carson is considered to be one of America’s top instructor for dog tricks, with several so-called ‘agility titles’ and a dog training business run for more than 5 years so far.

Commercials, David Letterman’s Late Show, exhibitions, live shows – Hero’s resume is already impressive.


When the human mind finds ways of showcasing the human body into a display of sound, shapes, and visuals, we get something like Diavolo, which was presented in season 12 of America’s Got Talent.

No wonder the acrobatic dance crew ended up in the top 10 this season, with all the elements they pack into each act:

  • stunning aerialist tricks
  • breathtaking use of massive props
  • coordination
  • elegance
  • balletic quality of powerful movement.

Preacher Lawson

Stand-up comedy could not have missed from a list of best variety acts on AGT.

In the finale of season 12, it was well represented by Preacher Lawson, the 25-year-old who brought a welcome breath of fresh air among the other inspiring and epic acts.

He delivers his comedy with such infectious joy and fast-paced rhythm, that audience members cannot catch a break from smiling ear to ear. If you are in for a few minutes of care-free laughs and you have got your eyes on a talented comedian to bring to your event, here’s Preacher Lawson for you:

Darci Lynne

With her incredible vocals, Darci could have been featured on a ‘best singers’ list. However, the ventriloquist skills are so strong that we put her among the best variety acts on AGT.

Darci’s performance is so packed with humor, charisma, acting skills, joy, and overall quality that it is no wonder the viewers loved her.

She is also showing signs of a promising entertainment prodigy.

Can You Have Something Like the Variety Acts on AGT for Your Event?

At Grable Group, yes, we can vouch for AGT kind of variety acts. From jugglers to hypnotists, mentalists, ventriloquists or performance arts, there’s a bit for every kind of event.

You can find us here if it is hard for you to make up your mind and decide to pick just one act from the list.

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