Planning a Virtual Awards Event? 5 Ideas You Can’t Go Wrong with

But with change, we have the opportunity to innovate in the Virtual Awards Event.

Written by Tim Grable

January 12, 2021

Awards ceremonies are meant to be exciting and memorable. There is a perception that you lose some of the magic when you transition this type of event to a virtual format.

To prove to you that a virtual awards event can be quite an engaging experience, we have compiled a list of 5 ideas you can try out for any of your upcoming galas.

virtual awards ceremony  

Set the Tone with Comedy

To start the ceremony with a smile, we recommend hiring a virtual comedian as your opener. Through comedy, you’ll immediately establish a light-hearted tone for the night, and it will help people ease any tensions and get comfortable.

Or perhaps, if you want the event to end on a positive note, you can schedule the comedy show at the end, once the awards have been handed out.

For both of these scenarios, we think a great candidate for the job would be Sebastian Maniscalco. This outspoken and unapologetic stand-up comedian is bound to rock the night and have your guests laughing in droves.

A Musical Ceremony

A virtual awards event is expected to be a more formal type of ceremony. There is no harm in adding entertainment at the end of the program, once the awards have been given.

If you want to deliver one of the best ‘sum-ups’ or ‘closing notes,’ we recommend doing it through the rap duo Free Daps.

This duo of freestyle rappers can improvise and craft rap battles, slam poetry, and even fully-fledged songs as recaps to what happened throughout the event.

Art Performance during Breaks

If you want your virtual awards event to exhibit a certain elegance and finesse, we suggest going for something that leans towards the sensible and artistic.

Our suggestion is to kick-off the event with a show from ECLIPSE. This acrobatic dance ensemble blends dancing with motion graphics to create a truly theatrical experience.

Your guests only need to sit back and be observant – as ECLIPSE’s dazzling performance will take them on a journey filled with powerful emotional experiences.

Engaging Mentalism Show

If you intend to have the awards ceremony unique and memorable for the audience, you need to focus on personal experiences.

To achieve this, you will need an act with a broad appeal so that it has a little bit of everything for everyone.

Kevin Viner is a jack-of-all-trades performer, showcasing virtual magic, music, and mentalism packaged into one show. His act is perfect for a Zoom meeting, right after or even before the awards ceremony.

If you want to spice things up truly, you can incorporate Kevin’s act as part of the ceremony when the awards are handed out. Kevin’s magic tricks will add an exciting dynamic that will surely make your event stand out.  

Unforgettable Mind Reading

We recommend hiring a mind reader to provide some after-party entertainment for the guests. Right after the event’s main activities, it would be a nice touch to have something extra and not just hang up.

For this kind of approach, hiring a mind-reader is a left-field choice that will surely take your guests by surprise, and we believe Lior Suchard is a great candidate to perform for your guests.

As a mind reader, he singles out viewers and has one-on-one sessions with them, trying to guess what they’re thinking about. The results are always on point and never fail to impress the audience – as people will be awestruck about how he did it.

Virtual Awards Event for the Ages

Whether you want to add a dash of magic, mentalism, or comedy, your virtual event will surely benefit significantly by featuring entertainment.

If any of the ideas from this article clicked with you, let us know by calling +1 615 283 0039, and we can work together to incorporate them as part of your event.

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