Planning Your First Virtual Awards Program? Here’s What You Should Know

Virtual Awards Program

Written by Tim Grable

February 12, 2021

As remote work becomes, the new normal, more and more companies are making the switch to digital to recognize and reward the people who have contributed the most to their business or industry.

In addition to all the benefits of virtual provides, online awards ceremonies also come with a unique set of challenges.

Whether you’re planning it for your colleagues or customers, keep the following tips in mind to ensure your first virtual awards program will be an undeniable success.

Having an Engaging Opening Sequence Is Always a Good Idea

Every award show on TV starts with a captivating opening sequence that is meant to draw the audience in and ensure people watching are instantly engaged in the production.

Your audience will also watch your awards celebration through a screen, so consider similarly starting your event. The easiest way to implement this best practice is to open your event with a high-energy entertainment act.

This will engage your audience and make them want to stick around until the end of your program.

Adapting Your Production for Streaming is Key

When it comes to a virtual awards program, one of the main things you need to prepare for is how you’ll translate your ceremony’s presentation aspect online.

Of course, some of the same rules about presenting the awards still apply when you go digital (like making sure you’ve done your research and you know how to pronounce the recipient’s name correctly).

However, some tweaks are necessary when hosting an award ceremony in a virtual environment. Here are a few best practices to keep your virtual awards show running smoothly:

  • #1. Keep your program short and tightly-scripted.

Capturing the attendees’ attention should be a priority. A fast-flowing script and a dynamic program will prevent guests from drifting off.

  • #2. Consider booking a professional master of ceremonies.

Hiring a professional moderator for your virtual awards program can go a long way for keeping your production moving forward according to the plan.

Furthermore, he/she will help ensure the transition from one award to the next is done smoothly so that there are no awkward pauses or moments when nothing happens.

  • #3. Ensure award recipients won’t take too long to deliver their speeches. 

There’s a reason why every major award ceremony only allocates a limited number of minutes for each winner to deliver their speech.

Long speeches that seem to go on and on forever hinder audience engagement.

Set a time limit for each speech, and let award recipients know they are expected to deliver their remarks within the allotted time frame.

Make sure you do this before the event so that everyone will have enough time to prepare their speeches beforehand. 

A Successful Virtual Awards Program Needs Top Entertainment

One of the appeals of in-person award ceremonies is that they escape from everyday life’s routine, making it possible for guests to enjoy new experiences in a contemporary setting.

And while you can’t invite guests to celebrate together at a fun venue, you can still re-create that sense of excitement by booking a top entertainment act.

Whether you opt for a multimedia performance by a renowned dance group like Eclipse or an incredible and magical way to virtually reveal award winners’ names., featuring a premium act will make your virtual event feel like an extra special occasion.

Contact us now at (615) 283-0039, and let’s work together to make your award ceremony shine with the best virtual entertainment.

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