5 Practical Virtual Event Concepts That Are Ideal for Company Meetings

5 Practical Virtual Event Concepts That Are Ideal for Company Meetings

Written by Tim Grable

January 15, 2021

A virtual event can be an exciting experience for your guests. However, if you aim for something special, you will have to bring something new to the table.

With the right performer at the helm and a great idea to boot, we’re convinced that this can yield great results.

If you’re interested in going this route, then we’re here to help you. As a result, in this article, we have put forth a list of interesting virtual event concepts you can try out.

An Explosive Event Opener

If you want your company meetings to be unique and memorable, we propose giving it an artistic edge. And to set in the theme, our suggestion is to go for a flashy opening act.

For such a feat, we wholeheartedly recommend Blue Man Group. They are a team of performers who fuse music, comedy, and performance arts to provide an experience straight out of an art movie.

The group’s name is derived from the fact that the performers are painted with blue paint to give them a uniform look – so that the audience can focus entirely on the music rather than the musician.  See why this is one of the most exciting of our Virtual Event Concepts

Company Meetings with A Touch of Mentalism

Audiences across the board are always open to the prospect of seeing something genuinely unpredictable. In that case, you can work in a mentalism act into your event concept.

For your virtual meeting, we recommend working with Jon Stetson. Jon is a mentalist who’s been in the business for over 30 years. His skill as a mentalist is unparalleled, but we would be remiss not to mention his skills as a comedian.

With him at the helm, the audience will indeed be taken on a ride that will have them laughing in droves one minute while exclaiming “Wow!” the next.

Live Visual Arts

Imagine having your group’s photo being immortalized as a painting or reimagined as a caricature. If you think that’s a fascinating idea, then you’ll enjoy working with Cartoon Gurus.

Cartoon Gurus is an event concept that gathers artists worldwide to render their services for corporate events.

Cartoon Gurus can provide you with a visual artist or a group of artists who work with your guests to draw their portraits or develop all sorts of funny caricatures for your virtual meeting.

Post-Holiday Celebration Party

To kick off 2021 in a big way, you can organize a virtual celebration party. This kind of party helps to set good prospects for what’s about to come throughout the year.

You can issue invitations to team members, partners, and other important guests to relay plans or discuss what will happen moving forward.

For your celebration party, we can suggest hiring a comedian to entertain your guests. One comedian you can always trust to bring in the laughter is Marty Simpson. He is a great performer and a natural when it comes to working with audiences.

Virtual Happy Hour with Stand-up Comedy

If you want to end your company meetings on a high note, then we have great news for you. One of the most effective virtual event concepts to do this is Virtual Happy Hour.

A Virtual Happy Hour represents a break from an event’s serious activities and instead switches them with leisure activities, meant to relax the participants.

One comedian who might do the trick for your virtual happy hour is Larry Weaver. He is a stand-up comedian that tailored his act for virtual audiences – should someone’s microphone fail, you know that Larry will joke about it.

Try Out Unique Virtual Event Concepts

Each of the ideas featured in this article will be a great addition to your event – whether you want to add a slice of entertainment for your next social gathering or you want to give your company meetings a unique twist.

If any idea from this list clicked with you, give us a call at +1 615 283 0039, and let’s make it a reality by having it featured at your upcoming event.

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