8 Ways in Which You Can Make Your Virtual Event More Engaging

Virtual Event More Engaging

Written by Tim Grable

April 17, 2020

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In recent years, virtual events have seen a rise in popularity and are becoming more commonplace than ever. People have started to realize that online events can be more advantageous for their schedule since they can tune in from pretty much anywhere in the world.

However, there is the perception that online events can never be as exciting as in-person events. While it is true that there’s nothing like a live experience, we argue that virtual events can be quite engaging and have a powerful impact on viewers.

In the following article, we will present you with a few ways in how you can turn your virtual event into an occasion the participants will look forward to.

1. Tell Your Story using Sand Art

Joe Castillo is an artist whose stories catch life through the surprising art of sand-painting – an intricate form of art that makes use of sand, a light table, and musical elements to convey incredible visual experiences.

His act is very inspiring, and it will surely hit your audience’s soft spot, regardless if they see it on-site or through an online event.

2. Cinematic Virtual Keynotes from Brett Culp

Immerse attendees in your message with a totally customized audience experience that blends live performance & filmmaking to deliver your inspiring stories like never before.

Elevate your message to a whole new level with a Cinematic Virtual Keynote. Hold the attention of attendees and motivate them to engage in a new and exciting way. Don’t rely solely on internal speakers at podiums or pre-produced video segments to share your most important ideas.

Acclaimed filmmaker and keynote speaker Brett Culp will design, deliver, and perform your Cinematic Keynote, paired with a music soundtrack and advanced video imagery – all perfectly synced to every word. Your customized production is an engaging expression of your brand that will ignite audiences to take action.

3. Turn Your Event into an Educational Experience

People will look forward to an event which promises to teach them new things or to relay information they’ve never heard before. And to prove this, have a look at the success of TEDxLive.

TEDx organizers have been streaming their events for years, having a steady viewership, which sometimes peaked thousands of online viewers.

You can do a similar thing to your events, giving them an educational angle, where viewers get the chance to know more about topics that interest them or maybe even cultivate new sets of skills.  For example, Lance Allred can show how, with his 5 Principles of Perseverance, he achieved what many perceived to be an unattainable goal: The First Deaf Player in NBA History.

4. Add Digital Incentives to Your Virtual Event

It’s common practice for streams or virtual events to have prizes be handed out. These incentives serve as a way to repay a few lucky viewers or those who have been attentive throughout the entire broadcast.

You can add these kinds of incentives to your online events to spruce up the experience and give viewers an extra reason to get excited about it.

The prizes can vary between vouchers, discounts, codes that unlock exclusive bonuses, or maybe free subscriptions to any service. The sky is the limit here, and it all depends on what resources you have at your disposal and how creative you can get.

Digital Incentives

5. Don’t Forget About Audience Interaction

Even if there’s a disconnect between the audience and the event itself, never forget the fact the audience is still there, and you will often have to reach out to them during breaks or even during the event itself.  

As the event progresses, communication is vital to maintain people interested in the event.   Consider hiring a virtual host that knows how to manage and work with an online viewer base.

For example, it might seem silly to ask the audience to put their hands up during a virtual concert, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t useful.

The event’s purpose is to provide viewers with an enticing experience, and it’s small bits of audience interaction that achieve this.

High-tech wizardry involving text messaging, phone calls, emails, and video, Digital Deception has built an arsenal of interactive magic that can be presented via any online platform.

6. Include a Lot of Audience Participation

Tying into what we have previously said, to make up for people not being there in person, you will want to make your virtual event as interactive as it can be.

And allowing the audience to be part of the event is as important as interacting with them and can make for some very impactful and memorable moments.

For example, many online events have a Q&A panel where viewers can ask away any of their burning questions.

5 Ways in Which You Can Make Your Virtual Event More Engaging

7. Offer a One-of-a-Kind Show

Although it may seem intuitive, the best way to make your event exciting is to offer your viewers a unique experience. You will want to provide them with a show they won’t find anywhere else.

We believe the best experience out there is offered by professionals who know the ins-and-outs of how to put on a show.

It doesn’t matter whether it is an in-person or online event, a funny comedian’s jokes or an experienced magician’s tricks will always hit their mark.  A livestream comedy & magic show with virtual comedian headliner, Marty Simpson is perfect to lighten and add an interactive moment to your Virtual program.

8. Learn Top-Secret Techniques Used by Today’s Card Cheating Pros

Expert in deception, star of the Real Hustle, Scammed and The Takedown; magician R. Paul Wilson is now an award-winning BIFA nominated filmmaker, author, speaker and performer. His book “The Art of The Con” details his personal journey to learn and execute every scam ever recorded and his speaking engagements share his wealth of knowledge drawn from a unique perspective. His intimate “Show of Secrets” engages and involves every member of Paul’s audience as they explore mysteries, share stories and experience the impossible.

Speaking of Which …

You can apply any of the ideas featured in this article to make your virtual event more coveted by the audience. And once you get people’s attention, be sure to hire the right performer to keep the momentum.

We, The Grable Group, have a wide assortment of talents you can book for any upcoming events – whether in-person or online.

If you are interested to know more, then call us at (615) 283-0039, and we will help you with the arrangements!

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