Virtual Event Ideas: 5 Ways to Go Virtual with Internal Corporate Events

Written by Tim Grable

August 2, 2021

Whether we’re talking about conferences, seminars, or corporate parties, there is one element that all these types of corporate events have in common – social interaction.

However, as we are barely coming out of a pandemic, it’s expected that some would still want to keep a distance. This doesn’t have to spell disaster for social events since there is always the possibility to organize a digital version of your event.

And to help you out, here are 5 virtual event ideas you can try out to satisfy the social cravings of your attendees.

1. Escaping the Mundane

Nothing can be as simple and effective for your team-building efforts as playing some fun games together. For that, consider hosting a friendly competition that will shake up the team dynamics of your employees.

And what better way to build team morale than a fun, outside-the-box activity such as a Virtual Escape Room? 

In this type of activity, players get together in private chat rooms where they’ll work together in teams to complete puzzles and solve their way out of a series of maze-like levels.

Teams will go through many trials and tribulations, unlike anything they ever faced before – making the Escape Room a great activity to test their resolve and improve cooperation.

Better Engage With A Virtual Audience

2. Unity in Laughter

It’s been a tough year for corporate events, and you and your team might need some cheering up. If you haven’t had a good laugh over a Zoom meeting, perhaps now is time to consider comedy one of the virtual event ideas to implement next.

Bring sparkle to your virtual meetings with Greg Morton.

Greg is a slapstick comedian that has indirectly been a part of all our childhoods. He has worked as an animator on the Scooby and Scrappy-Doo Show and has done voice-overs for all our favorite Saturday morning cartoons.

After a successful television career, Greg has picked up comedy – where he makes accurate impressions of all our favorite childhood heroes.

3. Bring Concerts Back to Life

The pandemic has kneecapped live shows and music concerts, making many people ache for a venue experience as it was before 2020. 

However, rather than waiting for live music concerts to make a comeback, why not go for the next best thing?

We are talking, of course, about virtual music concerts as they serve as a great medium to bring the cheer of music back into your guests’ hearts.

To achieve this, we recommend working with Acute Inflections; a musical duo made up of long-time musicians and close friends, Elasea Douglas and Sadiki Pierre.

Together, the two combine their musical roots and love of jazz to create an upbeat atmosphere that will want attendants to put on their headphones and nod their heads back and forth.

4. Something Truly Unexpected with your Corporate Events

Do you want to shatter everyone’s expectations but are out of virtual event ideas? Then we recommend going for an entertainment act that people aren’t so familiar with.

If you resonate with this idea, then we think that mentalism could be the ideal feature for your next virtual event. It’s a different form of entertainment that will catch people off guard.

One mentalist that we can’t get enough of is Colin Cloud, a Scottish stage mentalist who describes himself as a forensic mind reader. 

This Sherlock Holmes of entertainment will deduce everything about you, the surname of the friend you haven’t seen in months, and, even if you’re miles away in front of a computer screen, he even knows what you had for lunch.

5. Connected Through Creativity

Infusing creative activities into your team-building and corporate events is a thought which might not have crossed your mind in the past. However, we believe that now’s the best time to try out new things.

One exciting thing that you can try is to organize a virtual arts and crafts workshop. People will be curious to know what’s up and be eager to learn a thing or two in the process.

For this kind of activity, we can recommend working with Alexa Meade, who will show your guests how to turn everyday objects found around the house into stunning pieces of art.

Finishing a DIY recycling project can help your team feel accomplished and leave them with something they can proudly show off.

More Virtual Event Ideas

If what you’ve read in this article piqued your interest, then consider trying out any of the online entertainment ideas we’ve shared.

If you’re interested in a specific performer or act highlighted here, then we’d be glad to help you get in touch with them. Be sure to give us a call at +1 615 283 0039, and let’s turn your virtual event into an unforgettable experience.

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