5 Virtual Event Ideas You Can Try To Give Your Online Events A New Spin

The Evasons

Written by Tim Grable

May 27, 2021

If you feel like your online events are not as impactful as you would want them to be, we recommend getting creative and trying new types of virtual event ideas.

If you are interested in knowing more or want to get inspired, this article is for you. In the following paragraphs, we have listed a set of 5 ideas that you can try for your upcoming digital event to get people excited about it.

1. Virtual Game Shows

If you want a fun and fast way to diversify your organization’s virtual activities, we recommend gamifying upcoming meetings or team-building activities as our first virtual event ideas.

For starters, you could implement a game format that everyone is familiar with, such as a trivia game. Then you can ask participants to split up into teams that will take turns guessing at the trivia game.

To simulate the visceral experience of American game shows, we recommend hiring a virtual host to moderate the game and assist with the presentation. The host’s eclectic speeches and charismatic persona will pump audiences up!

Virtual Event Ideas Online Event

2. A Taste of Diversity for Your Online Events

A Taste of Diversity is a virtual program hosted by wine curator and television personality Michael Green. The program takes viewers on a journey into the world of wine-making and how each planet’s culture tackles this delicate process.

This program offers viewers the opportunity to learn new and exciting things about foreign cultures. And besides that, it also helps them cultivate a sense of understanding of how life is in other places on the planet.

The host Michael Green is born to work with an audience; he will give people many things to laugh about throughout the entire program and provide them with tons of insightful bits of information.

A Taste of Diversity

3. Mind Reading Session

Imagine people’s surprise when they have a guest appearance from a mentalist during one of your scheduled online events. People will be left flabbergasted when a performer will pop off on screen and start to perform mind-bending tricks on them.

Regardless of the situation, a performer from a mentalist is bound to be something new for many people. The entire air of mystery surrounding this art form is going to leave people curious to know more.

Take the mentalist couple, The Evasons, for example; they can work with your team and perform their signature telepathic tricks. And with them on stage, people will not just sit back and watch a show; they will be part of the show!

4. Magic for Humans

Magic for Humans is a program developed by magician Justin Willman that you can directly implement into your Zoom meetings. The program was designed to bring laughter and amazement to company meetings in quite a surprising manner.

The program is fully interactive, and it relies on the audience’s input to get the ball rolling – which means that guests will not be able to take a backseat on this one.

Justin will work with volunteers to perform all sorts of exciting tricks, and the best part is that very few parts are rehearsed as Justin is a great improviser.

magic for humans

5. Virtual Health and Wellness

In these times, many of us are working from home. With this shift in the work environment, it is essential to be mindful of health and wellness. Which is the last of our virtual event ideas.

Sitting at the computer for prolonged periods is going to have long-lasting effects on employees’ health. Companies may have various well-being programs, yet how many have genuinely taken these programs to the next level?

We recommend adding virtual training sessions involving all sorts of wellness activities such as yoga, meditation, Pilates, and even dancing for your organization.

virtual wellness  

The Best Virtual Event Ideas

If you are looking to offer your guests an exciting experience, you should consider trying some of the ideas featured in this article.

By following the links featured in the titles, you will reach pages dedicated to each activity that we have mentioned. If any of them sparks your interest, consider reaching out to us to discuss the details.

Give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and let’s work together to turn your online events into something truly unique!

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