5 Ingenious Virtual Event Ideas For Work From Home Audiences

Evie Clair

Written by Tim Grable

June 8, 2022

Many organizations have decided to keep the work from home model moving forward after the pandemic. Some have decided to try a hybrid model, allowing them to check-in at the office from time to time. However, regardless of the approach, it’s clear that employees will be spending a lot of time online.

Since virtual is here to stay, it’s an excellent opportunity to look into organizing virtual events. They’re great for allowing employees to connect more with their colleagues and the company. 

Whether you’re interested in organizing one for your team or just perusing for inspiration, this article is your go-to guide. We’ve put together 5 virtual event ideas to freshen things up for those working from home.

1. A Lesson from a Celebrity Chef

Cooking has always been a popular topic. However, in the last 2 years, people’s interest in cooking has increased significantly. As a result, cooking lessons, tutorials, and videos have blown up. 

Since people are so passionate about this topic, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to organize a cooking-themed virtual event. But to spice things up, you can hire a celebrity chef to serve as your event’s host.

This is an excellent idea since it promotes utility, socializing, and entertainment. People will be interested to learn a new recipe that they can try as they work from home. Besides that, they’ll be excited to learn it from a chef whose show they may have seen and enjoyed very much.

Virtual Event Ideas For Work From Home Audiences  

2. A Good Dose of Virtual Comedy

While everyone’s at home, you could organize a comedy event to give people a good laugh.

Comedy is one of the most efficient ways to deliver entertainment to audiences. Because of its effectiveness and reduced costs, it is one of the best virtual event ideas you can include in your event’s program.

You don’t need to set up an expensive set with comedy; the comedian’s all you need, and the fun can begin.

Here is a list of virtual comedians you can hire. Each of them is well equipped to put on a riveting comedy show. No matter the size of the audience, they’re prepared to deliver a highly customized and memorable performance. 

3. Virtual Teambuilding Activities

The most important thing for remote employees is to keep them engaged and connected. Virtual work can be isolating, and people might lack motivation or lose touch with the company’s culture.

What we recommend is to organize virtual teambuilding events. Through them, you can allow people to interact with their colleagues in a different setting and loosen up from the arduous work schedule.

Before organizing the event, you should consult with your team and ask them what kind of game they prefer.

You can try a few virtual event ideas online versions of popular party games or game shows, such as Scavenger Hunt, Take It or Leave It, The Feud, Truth, or Dare.

4. Music Sounds Better Together

Music has the power to get people together, no matter the setting. Even if they’re at home, away from their colleagues, a listening experience might be needed to strengthen relationships between them.

Aside from the musical experience, a great thing about a virtual concert is that it is more dynamic and tight-knit. Ironically, even though they’re miles away, people get more interaction than they would during a live concert. We recommend organizing a virtual music concert to get this kind of thing going.

And it’s an excellent opportunity to create something truly memorable since people can talk with the performer, request songs, and sing along.

virtual music  

5. Virtual Wellness

It’s known that remote work can also have adverse side effects such as burnout or monotony. People might get burned out of what they’re doing, and the quality of their work will take a downturn. 

However, one thing that doesn’t get talked about enough is how to combat these blockades. Sure, social interaction is great for the collective, but individual well-being is also a priority.

We recommend implementing virtual wellness activities as part of your company’s program to address this. This kind of activity offers people the opportunity to take some time off and recharge their batteries.

Activities can range from yoga and meditation to virtual fitness sessions – each of them comes with its designated instructor, who is highly charismatic and well-equipped to work with audiences.


Virtual Event Ideas You Can for Work from Home Audiences

Even if the offices are now open, remote work continues to be prevalent. Because of this, virtual events are still a necessity.

We hope that our ideas in this article have inspired you to shake things up for your organization. People will appreciate the change of pace, and they’ll also be thoroughly entertained – it’s a win, either way, you look at it.

If you’re interested in implementing any of these ideas, call us at 615-283-0039, and we’ll help you!

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