No Virtual Event Is Complete Without a Virtual Moderator

Virtual Event Virtual Moderator

Written by Tim Grable

April 18, 2020

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Virtual events aren’t necessarily something new in the entertainment industry. However, in recent times, with people having to spend more time at home and on the internet, virtual events have seen a surge in popularity.

It’s understandable that if people are stranded at home, they would want their online experience to be more impactful. And because of this sentiment, there has been a demand for online events to be more engaging and interactive.

To meet these kinds of demands, virtual events need a virtual moderator – a professional who keeps the audience interested and assures the event goes smooth sail throughout its entire duration.

We are confident that almost every online event needs a virtual emcee. And to drive home this point, in this article, we will present you with a few solid reasons why having a virtual host is paramount.

The Face of the Event

During in-person events, the  virtual moderator serves the role of getting the audience members on board with what’s going to happen throughout the entire event, while also keeping the energy up and maintaining people attentive.

The same idea applies to a virtual event, only that it’s a much bigger responsibility to undertake. During a virtual event, people aren’t as in-tune as they would be during a live event, which is why they need the guidance of someone from “the other side” of the screen.

With a virtual emcee, people don’t feel as if they’re watching a recording, rather an experience which is in the present.

No Virtual Event Is Complete Without a Virtual Moderator

A Solution for (Most) Problems

Due to the unstable nature of the internet, there is a chance for things sometimes to go south.

While many of the issues which may arise are beyond the scope of what a virtual moderator can do, it’s the host who will soften the blow and help mediate the situation:

  • The moderator can notice any network issue and alleviate the problem for the viewers by providing them with a solution.
  • The virtual meeting moderator can apologize for any technical inconvenience and get everyone on back on track with what they’ve missed.
  • In smaller events, the emcee may even have a fallback solution for the viewers to take to alleviate any problems which might come up.

Helps to Deliver Your Message

Delivering your corporate message is essential in helping people connect with your brand, to get a clear idea about what you’re selling or how your organization is any different from other competitors.

There are many avenues you can take to do so in an online event. However, online viewers can have a short attention span, and your message might end up lost in a tagline or the comment section.

The moderator helps deliver the message to your audience in a way that doesn’t seem forced and instead exudes professionalism.


Will Your Next Event Have a Virtual Moderator?

We hope the few reasons we have presented in this article were sufficient to convince you about the importance of having a moderator for your virtual event.

If so, then reach out to us at (615) 283-0039, and let’s work together to find the perfect virtual host for your event!

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