4 Virtual Keynote Speakers You Can Hire To Get A Kick Out Of The Audience

Joseph Kopser Virtual Keynote Speakers

Written by Tim Grable

December 3, 2020

In today’s market conditions, more and more companies are switching their events to an online format. Along with this switch comes a demand for the content which is specifically tailored for online audiences.

Virtual keynote speakers are among those performers whose content is ideal for the online environment. They are the experts you want to get if you want your online events to be engaging and informative.

In the following article, we will showcase a series of speakers that will make your audience feel right at home during an online presentation.

1. Joseph Kopser

Prior to his career as a speaker, Joseph Kopser used his expertise in transportation, urban planning, and smart cities to kickstart tech companies.

His foray into entrepreneurship gave him invaluable information about markets, industries, technology, and how to be competitive.

Joseph feels right at home in a virtual environment; he is one of those virtual keynote speakers whose presentation you won’t want ever to end.

2. Michel Neray

Michel Neray is a speaker and master of ceremonies specializing in branding, marketing, and sales. He aims to help the audience fructify their newfound knowledge.

He is also an effective motivational coach, helping people through the power of storytelling to get up and craft their own success stories in their respective fields.

Michel is well equipped for the virtual environment, having ample training and the necessary equipment to deliver his material in the smoothest way possible.

Michel Neray

3. John F. Edwards

In these times, where things are constantly on the move and evolving, you have to learn to find your footing and adapt to any given situation.

This is valuable advice that every worker, team member, and leader needs to consider if they want to thrive in a competitive scene.

John is one of the best virtual keynote speakers on mental fortitude, effectiveness, and overcoming challenges.

Because of his proven leadership expertise, he is the virtual speaker you would want to hire to help your attendants get inspired and motivated to push on.

John F. Edwards  

4. Kim Becking

If you want to add a touch of dynamism, positivity, and fun to your virtual event, then we cannot recommend Kim Becking enough for the spot.

She is a keynote speaker, prepared with an impactful speech and a locked and loaded type of attitude – so your audience better be ready for action.

Her expertise in overcoming adversities and boosting confidence is a boon for anyone going through very intense periods.

Kim Becking  

Your Choice for Virtual Keynote Speakers

Hiring the right virtual speaker for your online company events will make a world of difference for your online event.

A knowledgeable and engaging speaker will offer the audience much more than a viewing session. It will expose them to a learning experience – from which your guests will walk away more accomplished and engaged than ever before.

If you’re interested in working with these virtual keynote speakers, be sure to give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly help you!

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