How To Make Your Virtual Meetings More Engaging

A man in a suit presenting during a virtual meeting.

Written by Terre Grable

April 8, 2020

Has your business been impacted by the economy?  Looking for ways to keep your team engaged while working at home?  Let the Grable Group help your organization overcome the obstacles to current business challenges from COVID-19 with virtual meetings.  Our talent is experienced in this new technology medium and will surpass every expectation.

How To Make Your Virtual Meetings More Engaging

You Can’t Quarantine Laughter Even in Virtual Meetings!

Why choose comedy?  Humor has been proven to increase productivity by decreasing stress.  Laughter improves job performance by improving creativity and problem solving skills because of a friendly office environment.  Adding comedy to your virtual meeting will help your remote staff feel connected and stay focused on the task at hand.

Greg Schwen is the premier comedian for your next virtual meeting.  Large or small, your virtual meeting will be fun, energetic and successful.  Greg is at home in every industry and every venue, especially virtual meetings.  He has been privileged to perform before both the public and private sectors from the federal government to your local hardware store.  Each with proven success and endorsement.

Taylor Mason is a ventriloquist, a stand-up comic, a musician and a magician.  He has performed for thousands of corporate meetings, conventions, conferences and gatherings over the past 30 years. Clients include IBM, Walmart, Edward Jones. Disney and even The Federal Reserve.

His experience as a virtual host, guest entertainer and speaker means he is comfortable working for virtual events using a couple of devices. Schools, small businesses, large corporations, fundraisers – any event you can name he will bring a unique, entertaining, informative energy and dynamic.

Your Message Cannot Be Quarantined!

There is no doubt that we are living in a chaotic time that is effecting your business. It can be easy for your message to get drowned out by press briefings and sound bytes.  Don’t settle for this!

The solution?  A virtual emcee/host!  Similar to other platforms, a virtual emcee creates a focal point for your message to begin.  Because it is someone new and different, the audience is not distracted by the ordinary.   If you are looking for a presenter that will be focused on your message and engaging, then Amy McWhirter is the person for you!  With an extensive broadcast and communication experience, Amy is able to maintain audience interest while driving the message home.  As a well-versed emcee/host, Amy will make your meeting/event memorable.

Translate Your Communication Objectives into Digital Experiences

Freckled Sky made their debut on America’s Got Talent, where they were chosen as the Golden Buzzer act by Howard Stern. They have since gone on to produce high-end events – winning many different creative awards – for some of the biggest brands in the world.

Whatever the theme, Freckled Sky will translate your communication objectives into an astounding and unforgettable virtual experience. Each experience – perfectly styled for your corporate brand and theme – can include holograms, AR, motion graphics, and voice-overs. Freckled Sky will work with your team to create a script, storyboard, visual concept, and sound design to create your perfect virtual experience.

Watch the virtual solutions demo reel below to see examples of what Freckled Sky can do for you.

For additional information on planning your Virtual Meeting, give us a call at 615 283 0039 or drop us an email.

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