4 Tips For Picking The Ideal Virtual Speaker For Your Online Event

Ideal Virtual Speaker Online Event

Written by Tim Grable

March 25, 2021

There is the false expectation that part of an event’s charm is lost when moving to an online event – as if participants are no longer part of something and instead are watching a TV broadcast.

With the help of a good virtual speaker, you can change people’s minds about virtual events and have them open up for what could be a unique virtual experience.

To find the right one, we present you with 4 helpful tips you should consider when searching for the ideal speaker.

Audience Engagement Is a Must – Stan Phelps

To shake off the feeling of an ”just an online talk”, virtual speakers need to put in the extra mileage and engage with the audience to make them feel that they’re in the moment and that them paying attention is crucial. Otherwise, they might end up missing important information.

For your online event, you need a master storyteller such as Stan Phelps, the kind of speaker that knows to present his talks in carefully constructed segments that draw the viewer’s attention in but don’t go overboard with information.

With Stan as your virtual speaker, you can expect him to deliver an engaging keynote that the audience will find enjoyable and informative.

Stan Phelps

Time Is Money – J. Kelly Hoey

One of the unwanted situations you might find yourself in is to have your guests think that they could be doing something more valuable with their time rather than attending the event. After all, people, especially in the corporate sector, are pressed for time.

To help you steer away from this kind of situation, you will need a speaker who relays valuable information to the audience – the type of information they will deem important and applicable.

Keynote speaker J. Kelly Hoey is the right professional for this kind of situation. She is a networking expert whose strategies are highly effective in today’s technologized landscape and are just the right kind of material that you would want to showcase for your online event.

J. Kelly Hoey

Uplifting Spirits – Heather R. Younger

In a global pandemic, many people in the workforce are having difficulties adjusting to the change. This type of issue can weigh heavily on someone’s mind and significantly affect their well-being and have ramifications throughout the workplace.

To help you address this situation, you can opt for a virtual speaker that aims to provide people with helpful advice that reassures them and boosts confidence in troubled times.

Inspirational speaker Heather R. Younger is a boon for those who feel downtrodden at their workplace, in society, and day to day lives. Through her talks, she reaches out to people to help them overcome adversities and offer them a positive perspective when there seems to be none in sight.

Bridge the Gap – Mike Wittenstein

The atmosphere of an audience hall jam-packed with 2,000 people can’t be replicated in an online lobby, but that doesn’t mean that virtual events are necessarily inferior.

On the flip side, they offer the possibility of trying out new kinds of group activities or even allowing a more focused type of interaction.

Virtual keynote speaker Mike Wittenstein feels right at home in a virtual event. He is one to take full advantage of the perks which these events offer. With the help of technology, he can make his talks more interactive, engrossing, and insightful.

Mike Wittenstein

Find the Virtual Speaker That’s Right for Your Online Event

The best thing you can do for your virtual event is to go beyond people’s expectations. To do that, you will need the help of specialized speakers.

At The Grable Group, we offer you the possibility to choose from a wide assortment of speakers to find the one that best fits your event.

Give us a call at +1 615 283 0039, and we will gladly assist you throughout the entire process.

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