Actionable Tips on How to Pick the Best Virtual Event Host

How to Pick the Best Virtual Event Host

Written by Tim Grable

May 10, 2020

With the state of the world right now, virtual events are growing in popularity.

Fortunately, modern technology has made it possible for companies and nonprofit organizations to host extraordinary online events through which they can connect and engage with their audience.

However, successfully hosting an online event comes with a specific set of challenges.

Enter: the best virtual event host.

Part of their job is to keep your virtual attendees engaged, create continuity, and make sure there’s a certain rhythm to your event. All of this will help you maximize the impact of your event.

So, how do you pick a host who will help you achieve all these benefits? The following tips will help you come up with an answer. Keep reading.

How to Pick the Best Virtual Event Host

Tip: Don’t Undermine the Importance of Experience

One of the few potential drawbacks of virtual events is the lack of engagement and interaction.

However, this is a challenge you can overcome by creating opportunities for attendees to interact with one another, ask questions, and engage in an organized way.

So, you’ll want to book the best virtual event host who has the necessary experience to captivate your virtual attendees in a way that will create real connection and impact.

Your host should also be able to keep the attention of your attendees when transitioning from one segment of your online program to another, while also emphasizing key points from speakers.

These are all skills that are typically honed through practice.

So, how can you tell if a virtual emcee you are considering has experience?

Accomplished hosts such as Amy McWhirter will be able to provide you with short clips from past virtual events and live broadcasts which showcase their experience.

Known for her warmly energetic, engaging, and relatable approach, Amy is one of the best, most experienced emcees you can book for an online event.

Get to know her better and see why she is the best virtual event host by watching the presentation video below.

Tip: Always Take the Host’s Production Capabilities into Account

The success of your event depends on your host’s ability to energize and inspire your guests, while also ensuring that communicated messages are clear and compelling.

Great content is essential, yes. But when hosting an event online, the technical and production details are just as important.

After all, if your virtual attendees can’t correctly hear or see what’s going on, all the hard work which went into creating a valuable program will be in vain.

High-quality video, voiceover, live broadcast, professional lighting and audio, webcasting studio with green screen options – these are just a few production capabilities that elevate the quality of an online event.

Booking a virtual event host who also has production skills and capabilities can make your job easier, while also increasing the perceived value of your event.

Most online event hosts will showcase their production capabilities on their site or as part of their presentation. But we recommend always asking about this before you make any commitments to ensure the information they provided is up-to-date.

Tips on How to Pick the Best Virtual Event Host

Ready to Book the Best Virtual Event Host? We Can Help

A virtual event has many moving parts, and hiring a professional host can help ensure everything will come together to create an event that has a real impact and exceeds your audience’s expectations.

The Grable Group offers a complete portfolio of top entertainers, emcees, and speakers who have tremendous experience in handling virtual events.

Start browsing now, and don’t hesitate to give us a call at (615) 283-0039 in case you have any further questions.

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