Entertainment Ideas Easy to Transition to Virtual Entertainment for Events

David Garibaldi

Written by Tim Grable

July 8, 2020

The one subject driving the conversation among event planners today is disruption and uncertainty.

Since the onset of the epidemic, thousands of events have been canceled all over the world. Dealing with cancellations and postponements has become the new normal.

But with physical distancing/lockdown measures easing, there is no way of knowing for sure what the world of event planning will look like tomorrow.

In this rapidly changing environment, event organizers are facing the pressing need to do extensive planning and be ready to pivot and adapt when necessary.

One way to prepare for possible disruptions is to book Virtual Entertainment for Events, which is right for both online and offline programs.

Woman at computer watching virtual entertainment

This way, in case there’s an unexpected change of plans, the entertainment will be one less thing you need to worry about.

Here are four adaptable live event entertainment ideas that also work in an alternative, virtual format.

1. Virtual Mentalism Act

Mentalism shows can be adapted to an online format – and booking an experienced entertainer will help ensure that excitement and audience engagement won’t be compromised.

One such entertainer is a world-famous mentalist, Wayne Hoffman. A certified virtual presenter, he has managed to create highly-interactive acts that will captivate your guests – both online and offline.

Mind-bending magic, showmanship, and the best mind-reading tricks come together to create a thrilling experience, which is sure to leave a lasting impression on all those watching.

Check out the video below to get to know Wayne Hoffman better as Virtual Entertainment for Events:

2. Guest Speaker

In case you find yourself in the situation in which a live conference or meeting has to be redesigned as a virtual event, you’ll be happy you chose a speaker as entertainment.

Why? Because it’s one of the live event entertainment ideas which are easiest to transition online. However, it’s not enough for your presenter to take his/her offline presentation slides and deliver them online.

If you want your event to be truly successful, you have to choose an experienced, dynamic speaker who knows how to adapt their presentations to fit the virtual space.

Someone like Michael Sherlock. A top keynote speaker, trainer, and author, Michael has over two decades of experience delivering inspirational speeches and insightful training sessions to audiences from all over the world.

A certified virtual speaker, Michael has worked with the vast majority of broadcasting platforms, and all of her presentations can be delivered in a digital format.

Furthermore, they can be made interactive, upon request.

Learn more about her available programs here.

3. Comedy Show

A well-crafted, perfectly-delivered joke boosts your mood up and makes you laugh whether you’re attending an event in person or behind a screen.

This is why a virtual comedy show is one of the best event entertainment ideas which you can resort to right now.

We would suggest booking a top virtual comedian like Kristin Key. During her acts, Kristen combines her unique brand of humor with off-the-cuff improv moments to create one of a kind experiences which audiences love.

Plus, her shows are designed for live video delivery over meeting platforms like Zoom, WebEx, and GoToMeeting.

4. Performance Painting

Entertainment Ideas Easy to Transition to Virtual Entertainment for Events

You may think that an explosive, dynamic painting act is not compatible as Virtual Entertainment for Events.

However, visual artists such as David Garibaldi have made it possible to bring that much-coveted wow-factor to events that have been designed in alternative formats.

With his performances, David Garibaldi transforms empty canvases into exquisite works of art, demonstrating outstanding showmanship, skill, and talent.

David is known for creating his large paintings in minutes to music as a live stage show.

However, you can also book David for virtual events, as he now produces live-streams, virtual performances, and keynotes from his studio for all occasions.

Check out the video below to watch him in action:

5. Magic

Are you concerned about the attention span of your online attendees? If you want virtual entertainment that is interactive and mind-blowing, a virtual magic show is perfect. Audience participation has always been meaningful in live events. Imagine a virtual program that is not only fast-paced but where everyone in the audience is participating. A virtual magician makes this possible.

Your event can have a mind-blowing and hilarious live entertainment experience with Las Vegas’ #1 comedy magician. As he streams interactive and exciting illusions directly to your corporate event. 

Mac King is a Las Vegas legend, who’s quick wit and captivating magic has wowed audiences for over 20 years. Penn & Teller have called him “the greatest comedy magician alive today.” He now invites your event into his real-life home for a sidesplitting, interactive LIVE streaming experience. Forget everything you think you know about magic at the door as Mac King’s House O’ Magic brings incredible fun that will keep your virtual magic event buzzing for days.

Need More Event Entertainment Ideas perfect as Virtual Entertainment for Events?

In the context of the world today, preparedness has to be at the core of event planning. We hope that this article has provided you with some insight to help you better navigate this particular moment in time.

And if you’re looking for more Virtual Entertainment, we’ve got you covered as well.

Be sure also to check out this article we’ve written on the topic for more inspiration.

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