How to Create Virtual Memories with a Friends/Family Comedy Night

How to Create Virtual Memories with a Friends/Family Comedy Night

Written by Terre Grable

July 5, 2020

If your family is like many others, we feel lost trying to figure out how to create virtual memories and maintain a meaningful connection amid Covid-19. While many states are being forced to revert to stay-at-home measures, families are scrambling to find ways to ensure social distancing does become feelings of social isolation. If COVID 19 has taught us anything, it is that we need a way to connect with our friends while we are apart.

How to Create Virtual Memories with a Friends/Family Comedy Night

If this sounds like you, then a Family Comedy Night is the solution. How does it work? You pick a time for everyone to meet, and our virtual host, Marty Simpson, will take it from there. Not tech-savvy? Not a problem! Marty has you covered and will make sure everything is set up before you schedule a Virtual Comedy Night.

Worried it would be cheesy and awkward because it is a virtual event? Nothing to worry about! Marty is the most experienced virtual comedian and virtual host. He has been doing virtual events longer than anyone else. As a well sought out professional comedian, Marty Simpson has entertained audiences of all ages, and sizes, and in every venue. His ability to perform in the virtual realm will make each person feel included, and apart of a fun time together – regardless of where they are located. It’s like having a personal comedy show that is relatable to the uniqueness of your loved ones.

5 ways a Family Comedy Night will Create Virtual Memories

1) It’s Fun!

Comedy is the only form of entertainment that brings everyone together. People share different interests in music, art, food, movies, and sports preferences. But everyone likes to laugh and enjoy a light-hearted time together. If you hail from Manhattan or Miami or Minneapolis, your family can laugh together as if they were all in the same living room.

2) Provides something else to talk about besides the pandemic

In the current media blitz, it is easy for our focus to become muddled, discouraged, and frustrated. We are constantly bombarded with buzzwords such as “the new normal,” “unprecedented times” and “an abundance of caution.” While each person must do their part to safeguard public health, we need something else to focus on besides the pandemic.

A Virtual Comedy Night isn’t just a distraction; it brings encouragement and hope to what feels strangely different. Regardless of what the new normal looks like, comedy and family should be a part of it. A Family Comedy Night is a surefire way to create virtual memories.

3) Gathering of Friends

It has been said time and again, “You can pick your friends, but not your family.” For many families, it can be defined as a group of their closest friends. A Virtual Comedy Night is perfect for gatherings friends at any time of the year.

Looking for a hilarious virtual happy hour? Look no further than Marty Simpson, “Marty The One Man Party!” A former University of South Carolina football kicker, Marty knows how to throw a party where no one regrets taking the time they spent laughing together. When circumstances prevent you from gathering together over the backyard BBQ with friends, hosting a Friends Comedy Night will remind you of the importance of friendship as if you were together for dinner.

4) Corporate meetings

At home in comedy clubs and corporate meetings, Marty is poised and professional. Want to do something special for a co-worker that will be memorable? Let Marty help your team connect in a manner that is supportive and entertaining. His ability to engage, coupled with his improv talent, will make your next corporate meeting interactive and team building.

Celebrate the holidays together, Missing a special anniversary or birthday because of the need to socially distance? Have you started to rethink your holiday plans this year because of the pandemic? Don’t be disappointed! Holidays and special days must be celebrated! And a Comedy Night is the perfect gift for that special someone that you want to honor. Marty will help you make your next special occasion memorable.

5) Great for Family Reunions

We all have that one person in our family. You know, that one person that either hibernates in the corner acting as he/she dislikes being with everyone, but they always manage to show up at each reunion. Family reunions are something many family members look forward to every year. An extraordinary opportunity to get updated on the latest family gossip, roast a few cousins, and honor those special grandparents or great-grandparent. Don’t let this year be any different! A Comedy Night will help your family reunion take place no matter where everyone lives.

The Main Reason to do a Family Comedy Night: Virtual Memories

The greatest reason to do a Virtual Comedy Night: Create Memories. This special time together can be recorded for future enjoyment. Or it can be accessible by people that were unable to attend. Want your graduate to have the ability to go back years from now and remember those special words his favorite uncle passed on to him? Like told home movies, A Comedy Night is the ideal way to capture the fun you had on that special evening. More than a treasured photo album, the recorded event creates a memory that can be revisited and shared.

Do you need help bringing your family together?  Regardless of age everyone likes to laugh. You can even surprise your seniors with a comedy nightContact us at 615 283 0039 for additional information on how to book a family comedy night.

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