4 Creative Ways to Keep Your Virtual Attendees Engaged and Happy

Amy McWhirter

Written by Tim Grable

May 21, 2020

4 Creative Ways To Keep Your Virtual Attendees Engaged And Happy

It’s challenging enough to keep guests engaged and happy at in-person events.

Transition to digital, and it becomes even more challenging, as you’re suddenly competing with all kinds of different at-home distractions, which are all just one click away.

But does that mean there’s nothing you can do than to accept that low engagement is unavoidable when hosting events online?

Not at all.

Instead, you could use the following tips to put together an interesting, memorable digital event.

4 Creative Ways to Keep Your Virtual Attendees Engaged and Happy

1. Design Engagement Points Throughout Each Session

To keep your virtual attendees engaged and happy, make use of technology to create an environment that encourages audience participation.

Audience polling, short Q&As at the end of each session, even quizzes – all of these can be built into your event’s agenda to make guests feel directly involved.

The important thing is to have small audience engagement activities throughout your event, so guests don’t lose interest.

2. Have a Professional Host Moderate the Conversation with Virtual Attendees

When it comes to digital events, a professional host can play a huge role in boosting engagement, especially if we’re talking about large-scale events with many participants.

A virtual host or moderator can help keep the energy up at your event and ensure there’s a specific flow to it so that the conversation doesn’t drag.

Furthermore, part of a moderator’s job is to interact with the speaker(s) at your event and draw the audience into the session by addressing them directly and strategically incorporating Q&As.

If this is an idea you want to implement at your event to keep your virtual attendees engaged, we recommend Amy McWhirter.

Known for her charisma and warmly energetic approach, Amy brings enthusiasm to any event. She is also adept at emphasizing essential points from speakers and improvising with humor to keep audiences focused and engaged.

Get to know her better by watching the presentation video below:

Your Virtual Event Host Emcee Partner - Amy McWhirter

3. Help Attendees Connect

Low engagement at digital events is often the result of losing that sense of community and connectivity, which builds up naturally when people interact with one another in-person.

However, it’s possible to address this challenge and keep your virtual attendees engaged and happy. How to do that?

An excellent idea is to include a fun activity guest can do together to make them feel connected despite the physical distance.

Jeff Civillico is an excellent entertainer. You can book for that.

A world-class juggler and comedian, he will deliver an action-packed program where guests can unwind, laugh, and learn together.

Check out the video below to get a better sense of the kind of experience Jeff can create at your event.

Jeff Civillico: Virtual Team Building Workshop for Dscoop

4. Book a Comedian to Keep Your Virtual Attendees Engaged

A charismatic entertainer delivering a fast-paced high-quality comedy act will keep your audience from tuning out of the event. Here are two engaging comedians you can count on to captivate your guests’ attention:

  • Bob Stromberg blends stand-up comedy with powerful storytelling to deliver a memorable act that has the power to inspire and delight your guests, even virtually.
  • Marcus Monroe. An award-winning comedian and juggler, Marcus will surprise your guests with an act that incorporates innovative juggling and in your face comedic banter.
Bob Stromberg: Virtual Demo

Want More Ideas?

As time goes by, the world of remote events is likely to keep on growing. So, event planners’ ability to design events that keep virtual guests engaged needs to develop as well.

We hope this article has provided you with some inspiration on how to put together an effective virtual audience engagement strategy. For more tips, be sure to check out this article, as well.  

For help planning your online event, give us a call at 615 283 0039.  The Grable Group is the top booking agency for virtual events in the United States.

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