6 Online Entertainment Ideas that Will Help Kick Off Your Digital Event

Digital Deception

Written by Tim Grable

May 27, 2020

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Much work goes into planning a virtual event – and it deserves to kick off with a massive bang. So why not start things off with an entertainment segment which is customized for your company and event?

Regardless of which platform you are using to host your digital event, there are many opportunities to engage remote viewers with fun, high-energy entertainment acts.

Digital Deception, 5 Online Entertainment Ideas that Will Help Kick Off Your Digital Event

Keep reading to discover 6 online entertainment ideas that will set the right tone for an engaging virtual event.

1. Virtual Magic

How about starting your video conference with a visual magic effect that incorporates your meeting’s topic or theme?

Digital Deception is a duo of top entertainers whose acts combine technology and virtual magic to create a shared, interactive experience for your virtual attendees.

It’s a great way to add something memorable to your digital event.

What’s more, multiple elements in the act can be customized to fit your exact needs. You can include a personalized message, names, and pretty much anything else that comes to mind.

Learn more about Digital Deception’s available programs here.

2. Acrobatic Dance and Shadow Act

If you’re looking to spruce up your virtual meeting with a unique and unforgettable act, then Eclipse is right for you.

A leading, acrobatic, and dance-based performance group, Eclipse will make your event stand out by creating a custom video opener. 

Jaw-dropping motion graphics, impeccable music, and complex movements of the human body come together to create a magical experience that will dazzle your guests, even virtually.

This is one of the most online entertainment ideas you can book for your online event. If you’re interested in booking them for your event, you can get started here.

3. Custom Music Intro

Kick your event with a custom intro or shot-out, courtesy of Alter Ego.

Alter Ego is a renowned music group whose repertoire includes the best of 70’s disco, 80’s rock, and 90’s Pop, plus the top songs of today. They know how to put on a memorable show which fills guests with enthusiasm and elevates their mood.

Their electrifying energy will set your event up for success.

If you want to add the wow factor to your event, give us a call at 615 283 0039 to find out more about how Alter Ego can make your digital event better.

4. Enhanced Presentation from the CEO

When it comes to virtual meetings, you need content that locks in the attention of your attendees right from the beginning.

And this is where you stand to benefit from working with someone like Freckled Sky.

They are innovative visual storytellers who mix projection, dance, lighting, and special effects to create highly interactive new forms of content that also have substantial entertainment value.

Holograms, animations, voice-overs, and other enhancements, all can be used to develop special effects which add extra sizzle to an opening speech.  We think you will agree that this is one of the best online entertainment ideas.

Of course, Freckled Sky’s abilities can be used for many other things, such as to enhance a product demonstration or any other presentations which are on your event’s agenda.

Learn more about them by watching the video below:

5. Virtual Mind Reading Show

Virtual Mentalist Eric Dittelman predicts people’s actions and figures out what they are thinking. Drawing on his background in improv and comedy, Eric incorporates a unique blend of humor and surprise into his online mind-reading act. Eric has been sharing his unique talents and entertaining audiences for both corporate and private events for years and has appeared on America’s Got Talent, The Ellen DeGeneres ShowPenn & Teller: Fool Us, and Live with Ryan and Kelly. He has also been featured in “Entertainment Weekly” and “Rolling Stone.” Now, he has made the pivot to Virtual Events as well and with tremendous success. Of course, if you were also a mind reader, you would have already known that!

6. Live Performance Painter

Do you need a high energy opening for your virtual event? David Garibaldi recently opened for the legendary rock band KISS on their End Of The Road Tour. His show is fully customizable from the painting subjects to the music played during the performance. Best of all, you keep the finished painting!

We Can Help You Kick off Your Digital Event with Online Entertainment Ideas

Just because an event takes place in a virtual environment doesn’t mean it needs to lack excitement. Use the ideas included in this article to stand out and create a memorable experience for all those involved.

You can also reach out to us online for more virtual program ideas, which will take your event to the next level. We’re always happy to help.

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