Get The Best Of Live and Online Events By Organizing A Hybrid Event

Online Events By Organizing A Hybrid Event

Written by Tim Grable

June 16, 2020

With the onset of the pandemic, some people may be wary about attending live programs, and because of this, many businesses and companies have found themselves in a tight situation planning online events.

Thankfully, this situation can be addressed by organizing a hybrid event – a type of program that people can attend live, but can also tune-in from home if they are worried about any potential hazards to their health.

Hybrid events combine the best of both in-person and virtual programs to offer your guests a hassle-free, entertaining, and safe experience.

In the following article, we will go over why such programs are so valuable, and we will share a few things you can do to set up one for yourself.

Get The Best Of Live and Online Events By Organizing A Hybrid Event

Why Should You Consider Hosting One?

Organizing a Hybrid event is by no means a new thing, and they have been around for quite a while, but have never caught on as organizers leaned towards either strictly in-person or online event.

However, given the situation brought forth by the pandemic, people may have second thoughts about attending an event in-person, even if the state of emergency were to be long gone.

People are still open to the idea of taking part in meetings; however, without having to put their health at risk. With hybrid meetings, you address people’s worries, and these are some of the reasons why:

  • Safety. Reduced chances of endangering public safety since large groups of people no longer form.
  • More Accessible. It gives people the option to choose whether to attend in-person or online events.
  • More Affordable. From an organizational standpoint, it doesn’t take as much effort to set up as a fully-fledged in-person event, and with many costs being cut down, hybrid events end up having a lower participation fee.

Good Practices for Hybrid Events

When organizing a hybrid event, you will have to cater to two types of audiences – and the first thing that you need to have settled in to have an audience hall rented for the guests coming in-person and a virtual platform for those that prefer to participate in online events.

Make sure to have good video and audio support. So the audio from the audience hall is well captured and can be broadcasted online, alongside the video stream of the virtual program.

Be mindful to host activities that translate well for both in-person and remote audiences, as you wouldn’t want to alienate a part of your audience.

You can find all kinds of entertainers on our online portfolio, specifically for the type of event that you are going for.

Lastly, make sure that your event is compliant with the laws of your state, as you might find that public gatherings are still not allowed – and if that were the case, then you can convert it to be entirely virtual.

Organizing A Hybrid Event Adds to Online Events

If you are interested in fully committing to planning hybrid events, then be mindful of the advice that we presented in this article.

Be sure not to overlook the fact that the event’s activities need to be fun, engaging, and to reach out to both types of audiences. We can help you find the right entertainers who fulfill all these requirements.

Give us a call at (615) 283-0039 or drop us an email, and we will gladly help you find the right entertainment solution as you are organizing a hybrid event.

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