Virtual Graduation Party: Connecting as a family to Celebrate Special Days

Jeff Civillico Virtual Graduation Party

Written by Terre Grable

April 26, 2020

Has your graduate’s activities been impacted by COVID-19? Don’t give up! You can still celebrate special days and important milestone in a way that is special and unique to your graduate! How? The Grable Group is pleased to offer virtual graduation parties! Many of our clients are parents and grandparents that share these same set of circumstances. Instead of being disapppointed, they have grouped together to overcome this challenge and help your family celebrate this achievement in a personalized manner regardless of where your family members are located.

Here is how it works. You can invite 10-12 family members to join in remotely to celebrate your graduate. You pick the day and our clients will show up to help you celebrate special days.

Virtual Graduation Party - Connecting as a family while you are disconnected

This Virtual Graduation Party can include:

Comedy show that is tailored to your student with Marty the One Man Party.

Virtual Comedy Show with Marty The One Man Party

Nothing connects people better than laughter and Marty Simpson is the person to bring it all together. Marty is an award winning comedian that already has experience performing for virtual events.

Marty will perform a comedy show that is tailored to your student. You provide a few personality traits about your graduate and Marty will be sure to work this into his comedic material. Your friends and family can join in from anywhere in the world for this family-friendly, hilarious comedy show that will celebrate your students.

Celebrate Special Days with a Virtual Music Concert

Evie Clair and Kirra LA - Sign of the Times (Harry Styles)

Evie Clair is an America’s Got Talent Finalist –singer,songwriter,pianist and speaker.  More than one judge and millions of fans echoed that Evie’s voice was the sound of an angel. She’s different because although she can sing the big notes, she doesn’t depend on them and wants people to feel her soul when she sings, even in the quiet, heartfelt moments. She writes music to help heal the hearts of people suffering with loss and grief and heartache.   Your virtual graduation party can include a personalized music concert along with questions and answers.  What better way to celebrate than with your own AGT private virtual concert.

Jeff Civillico: The Perfect Virtual Host

Jeff Civillico: Virtual Graduation & Awards

Jeff has A LOT of experience hosting live events.  Why does this matter?   All of the same skills that are required to host live events will be required to host virtual events.  Your host needs to be smart, quick on his or her feet, able to segue smoothly between speakers and programs, and most importantly for the virtual medium— your host must be HIGH ENERGY and ENGAGING.  We all know that it will be much more difficult to command attention through a computer screen.

A personalized SandStory for your virtual graduation party

The art of storytelling is a powerful force that has been uniting people for centuries. As a finalist on America’s Got Talent, Joe Castillo is the world-renowned painter and performance artist that has uses sand to share messages of hope and celebration for corporations, world leaders and kings – and now Joe can utilize SandStory to celebrate your special days!

Joe Castillo: Virtual Graduation Party

Using nothing but his hands and grains of sand on a light table, Joe creates images that tell a story in real-time, sharing not only his skills as an artist but his unique vision, as well.

You provide a picture and few details about your student that you would like to commemorate and Joe will incorporate this into a customized SandStory specifically for you graduate in this memorable virtual graduation party.

For additional information on how to celebrate special days with a virtual program drop us an email or give us a call.

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