How to Welcome Back your Church Congregation and Engage your Community

Written by Tim Grable

August 15, 2020

Like many other ministries, the pandemic has disrupted the lives of many church members. Across the nation, consistent churchgoers of all ages have resisted attending regular worship even though communities have reopened. While some parishes are disregarding local state guidelines, perhaps your church congregation is among the countless others that are committed to creating a safe environment for your members to worship. Fear and acclimating to the ease of worshipping at home are just a few reasons people have chosen not to attend in-person services. However, despite these issues, church members and leaders are eager to reconnect and welcome back one another.

Vulnerable health conditions extend across the lifespan. People of all ages experience health risks that prevent them from attending church. Feelings of loneliness and isolation easily accompany the habitual separation that has taken place over the last few months. Ironically, it would seem this is the group that needs the hope and community the most, which is often found within the local church congregation. 

Jeff Allen Welcome Back Church Congregation

Jeff Allen

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Taylor Mason Dry Bar

Taylor Mason

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Why to Welcome Back your Church Congregation

Likewise, the pandemic has also created a new appreciation and awareness of the integral role spirituality can play in one’s life, especially Americans. A recent Gallup poll suggested, Specifically, the percentage of Americans who say religion is increasing its influence on American life has jumped from 19% last December to 38% in Gallup’s latest April 14-28 survey.” Many younger people are seeking the comfort and coping benefits that are found from a vibrant faith. As such, there has never been a better time to welcome back those that may have drifted or abandoned their childhood faith. Many desire to engage with a local church community, but do not know how to get involved. Now is the time the local church congregation can positively influence their surrounding area, providing a safe place, and offering hope. 

During these uncertain times, many people are wandering around looking for hope and community.  If your church leadership is interested in re-engaging with your local congregation. In that case, we invite you to contact us on how we can partner together to welcome back your members and feel apart of a community once again.

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