Why You Should Work with a Corporate Entertainment Agency

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Written by Tim Grable

February 27, 2017

“When in doubt, call a friend” – could this be a valid advice for a corporate event organizer?

Sure, but in this case, the best friend would be a corporate entertainment agency.

If you have never worked with one before or you are simply not sold on the idea, keep on reading. We have included some main advantages of working with a professional agency you should know.

Taking on each new event is always a thrill. No wonder many event planners display a ‘can do!’ attitude and seem to enjoy the process so much.

That is until they experience challenges and start wishing they’d called the best corporate entertainment agency from the get-go. 

In most cases, it is not that they have fallen short on resources or made some organizational mistake. It is just that there will always be something which could potentially go wrong, despite their best efforts.

Teaming up with an agency does not just prevent you from unnecessary stress, but it also changes the entire vibe of the event. In what follows, we will try to pinpoint a few reasons why.

First Off, How Does This Work?

Simply put, a corporate entertainment company provides the entertainment resources for flawless corporate events.

The agency is the one managing the talent and handling the booking process. The array of performers they offer ranges from one agency to the other and can include:

  • headline entertainers
  • music bands and performers
  • magicians
  • dancers
  • face painters/caricaturists
  • acrobatic acts
  • casino tables.

Apart from music, speakers, and comedians, the Grable Group provides a stable range of variety acts including:

  • smart comedy acts
  • mentalists
  • jugglers
  • performing artists.

In other words, a corporate event agency is the one which provides any entertainment you could think of for a successful event at your company.

Why You Should Work with a Corporate Entertainment Agency

You just need to make up your mind and choose an entertainment theme for your event. Wait, agencies can help you with that as well!

After you contact the company, you are going to undergo these following steps:

  1. Providing details regarding your event – date, venue and estimated number of guests.
  2. Getting your requirements matched to available performers.
  3. The agency gets in contact with the artist(s) who are the best fit for your specifications.
  4. Once you pick an act, the agency gets back to the artists with the contracts and the payment procedures needed.
  5. For the run-up to the event, the agency mediates between the two parties with any details and reminders necessary.

As you can see, the primary role of an agency is to smooth out the organizing process.

Entertainment Options

Picking an entertainment act for your event comes with a whole range of variables: questions, indecision or reevaluation. The latter gets especially problematic when the artist you have chosen is suddenly unavailable due to objective reasons.

Not only does this act need to address your audience the proper way, but it also has to present the right ‘intrigue’ factor. In the corporate entertainment sector, not everything goes. Your audience has their standards which you need to meet. If you present them an act that’s been picked last-minute, they will feel it.

So then what is the key to avoiding this? A corporate entertainment agency.

When you have them by your side, you know you are covered no matter what. You will get the entertainment you need, regardless of last-minute changes.

In short, you will always enjoy the comfort of an entertainment backup.

You'll Never Guess how a Corporate Entertainment Agency Changes Your Event


We chose to talk about this aspect in a separate paragraph because music has its value within an event.

It is a much more subtle way of entertaining your guests, in that it sets a tone and creates the atmosphere. Your guests will not perceive a musical act as the central entertainment piece, but music can define the whole atmosphere throughout a gathering.

If it does not match the audience’s tastes, they will feel it as something missing.

There’s no need to worry about such aspects if you hire a corporate entertainment agency, however. They will know what music to suggest according to your specifications.

Working with a professional booking agency ensures that you get a wide range of musical performance styles. What’s even more important, they can get you the most advantageous arrangement – something that’s harder to achieve on your own.

Branding and Credibility

If you hire a headliner who bails last minute and you cannot bring someone equally suitable instead, you are in for a serious loss of credibility. Branding requires consistency, and when something like this happens, you stand to lose quite a lot in the credibility and authority department.

You do not want the company to suffer due to a mismatch in the event lineup.

So, it is best if you get in touch with a corporate booking agency since it offers an insurance guarantee. This makes it less likely that a band or an artist would not stick to the arrangement.

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Not-to-Be-Neglected Advantages of Working with a Corporate Entertainment Agency

Apart from providing a clear agenda needed in the planning phase, a corporate event agency can make your life easier by:

  • Offering professional advice. Clearly, when you are searching for a performer for your event, Googling them will retrieve unfiltered results. They are not always telling in regards to quality and – most importantly – fit to your profile or audience.
  • Ensure time-efficiency. Need we say more? A professional team being in charge with every aspect related to an event is going to move much faster within the organizing process. Moreover, time is money, as we all know.
  • Help you put together a backup plan. In case your chosen performer has to pull out of your event last-minute, a corporate booking agency is likely to be able to come up with a backup solution.

What Happens when a Corporate Entertainment Agency Takes Charge

For a small-sized business, events might prove quite a handful to deal with. You cannot quite rely on an in-house specialist in the early stages of your company.

So, at this point, many choose to deal with this chapter themselves and give up on the thought of collaborating with a corporate entertainment agency due to insufficient budget.

Which only leads to additional stress and time spent on side-issues.

What if we told you hiring an agency is one of the smartest moves for your brand-building efforts? Follow through to learn more about how it could improve your business outcome.

A Corporate Entertainment Agency Provides Seamless Management

The first steps towards planning an event could be a fun and productive time. If you know what you are doing.

What Happens when a Corporate Entertainment Agency Takes Charge

Sure, you may have dabbled in event management before, but it does not quite compare to how operative a corporate entertainment agency can be.

When they are assigned to a project, they already know the whole process they are about to undergo.

They can even outline potential roadblocks and prepare to deal with them accordingly.

Plus, a team of professionals is capable of executing the plan to perfection. They have got you covered from top to bottom, from the contact forms to the finish line.

Time-Saving and Industry Connections

Let’s say you can manage the planning part and you are ready to go and dig for some top entertainers. This should also be a fun part – except it is extremely time-consuming.

Having a corporate entertainment agency do that for you only results in:

  • a greater variety of acts to choose from
  • a careful selection.

Agencies have solid industry connections base built throughout time, so they can quickly resort to backup solutions in case a performer needs to drop out last-minute. Not to mention they know when, where and who is available.

This is the sort of information you could get on your own, only it takes the time to perform this kind of research. Time which could be better invested in your business operations.

Creative Contribution

When it comes to the creative or conceptual part of event planning, we agree the client should have complete autonomy.

However, most often than not, a corporate entertainment agency can enhance your event just by advancing useful suggestions like:

  • live broadcasting the event
  • having an ongoing social media strategy
  • relying on participants’ feedback after the event
  • encouraging the audience to share event details on their social media accounts.

Event managers coming from agencies could advise you so as not to suffer from faux pas in designing an event.

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Careful Analysis

The post-event stage is almost as important as the pre-event one. However, not many can think of having one, unless they are advised to do so.

Moreover, who could you ask advice from? An agency event planner, we would dare to say.

They have the most expertise from dealing with past clients’ events, and the benefits post-event analysis brought them.

All in all, you could say an entertainment agency makes its money’s worth if you think of the perfect vibe you will be able to convey to your attendees.

Moreover, as we stated before, this is the most efficient business card a new company could wish for – customer brand advocates.

One More Thing before You Head Out

Before we wrap things off, we want to add one more benefit of working with an agency. It involves you.

Whether you are the company owner or the human resources manager, a professional entertainment agency takes the burden off your shoulders. Thus, you will be able to enjoy the special event just as much as the other attendees.

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With a Corporate Entertainment Agency, Events Look as Polished as It Gets

A well-organized corporate event is the best way of showcasing your company values and approachability. So you cannot afford to let any detail unattended to. Especially when it comes to entertainment, which is a pivotal element in packaging an event.

That is why you need to consider collaborating with entertainment agencies – they are proficient in keeping an eye on every entertainment-related lane while integrating it seamlessly within the rest of your events’ content.

We know this from the extensive expertise accumulated throughout years and years of providing top-notch entertainment at The Grable Group, so be our guest in getting in touch with us and asking any question

At the Grable Group, we know all the struggles event organizers are undergoing. Consequently, we have developed a solid set of values and way of working with our clients.

Follow our blog activity and get to know our many entertainment options. We hope to hear from you soon.

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