3 Amazing Keynote Speakers That Can Improve Your Brand

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Written by Tim Grable

May 7, 2019

Strong companies have strong brands.

In other words, they have clear core values, an unequivocal positioning on the market, a long-term strategy and an engaged team. However, while most organizations acknowledge that branding is one of the most important activities a business can engage in, few do it successfully.

The three amazing keynote speakers we’ve included in this article know the secret to building strong brands, so if that is something you are interested in, keep reading.


Bill Stainton is a motivational speaker with an impressive resume. He is a writer, author, comedian and, to top it all off, he is a TV producer with 29 Emmy Awards – distinctions that he won for creative entertainment.

Bill grew up on a farm in Lancaster, Pennsylvania with a dream to do something great one day. So as years passed, he managed to work with high-achievers such as Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, and Bill Nye, The Science Guy.

3 Amazing Keynote Speakers That Can Improve Your Brand

As a producer, he worked on the comedy show, Almost live – which he helped propel to international fame, allowing the show to pull through 10 years of high ratings.

He knows all about the power of inspiring leadership, navigating change and motivating people to reach higher goals – and how it can transform a business’s brand.

All these years of hands-on experience represent a compelling argument for why hiring Bill is a must. If you do so, expect an abundance of ideas and insights that have direct applications to your audience members.


As a leader, as someone who is at the top, the easiest thing to do is fall (and fail). If you are a leader in your field, then you must know how hard it is to mobilize and keep an entire team on track.

Lance Allred knows about the hurdles that teamwork and leadership entail. He has experienced them first hand, by being part of a professional basketball team.

However, his basketball games were on a higher difficulty than everybody else’s. That’s because he is the first deaf player in NBA history – a title that Lance proudly states during his speeches.

Lance Allred

After an incredibly successful career in sports, he decided that he had to share his experience with others, and motivational speaking was the perfect medium for this.

As one of the most amazing keynote speakers working today, Lance addresses the issue of having to deal with personal shortcomings in our lives and careers. Adaptability is a prominent theme throughout Lance’s story and keynote.

This can be applied to branding as well, as adopting an adaptable mindset in strategy can help your brand thrive in a dynamically changing marketplace.


Gaurav Bhalla is one of those amazing keynote speakers who will take your audience on a journey – one that will have them return as better leaders and more fulfilled individuals.

He is a motivational speaker with invaluable knowledge about how to achieve professional success. He is charismatic, entertaining, and with his help, your guests can learn how to make innovation and change a core value in their professional lives.

Gaurav Bhalla

Perhaps one of the most exciting things about him is his nonconformist attitude.

Gaurav believes that change can only be brought by being proactive and disregarding deeply ingrained dogmas.

From Gaurav, your guests can learn how to become visionaries in their field, how to have a mindset for change and, most importantly, how to think outside the box in all their ventures.

Thanks to this mindset transformation, those who are a part of your company will become invaluable assets in your pursuit to strengthen your brand.

Want to Work with These Amazing Keynote Speakers?

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