Barbara Bartlein Will Help You Build a Stronger Company Culture

Barbara Bartlein

Written by Tim Grable

February 18, 2018

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We will start with a question: what could personal growth have to do with company culture?

Let’s elaborate on that for a couple of seconds.

When we talk about personal growth, we often mention the preoccupation with ‘what’s inside’ or with the ‘work on core values.’ It is often claimed we have to ‘start with inner strength.’

Strikingly enough, the same can be said about the preoccupation a company has with their organizational culture. It is essential they start from the core values before they want to get results from brand building strategy.

However, as obvious as it may sound, few are the companies which take the time and put real, ongoing effort into creating sound, personalized company values. Moreover, even those who do face obstacles in keeping the staff aligned with these values.

A possible solution to these issues is having an expert in workplace interaction speak at your company event. Today, we are excited to feature Barbara Bartlein, a speaker you should have on your shortlist for any company event. Let’s see why.

1. Barbara Bartlein Is an Experienced Clinical Psychotherapist

Barbara Bartlein is one of the few keynotes who has a clinical background, so you will basically get expert, science-based advice from a psychotherapist who also happens to have 23 years of experience in being a corporate speaker.

Barbara Bartlein Will Help You Build a Stronger Company Culture

That makes her understand company culture from a much more complex perspective, especially when it comes to the dynamics of a group. It is a well-known aspect the work environment needs to be a healthy one. At the same time, however, it also is a medium which is hard to balance.

Barbara understands everything which goes into managing this fine organizational balance since she has also been former VP of Columbia-St. Mary’s Hospital System.

So having a speaker like her will ensure that guests get valuable, to-the-point takeaways from attending your event.

2. Experience in Corporate Keynote Talks

We talked about Barbara’s acumen in organizational workplace dynamics, but her achievements as a speaker are no less impressive.

First of all, she received the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) certificate, which is the highest honor awarded by the National Speakers Association. No wonder only 10% of speakers own it.

Secondly, Barbara Bartlein has extensive experience in working with top 500 Fortune companies.

Apart from that, she also gained widespread visibility with her appearances on:

  • CNN
  • FOX TV
  • NBC
  • CBC.

All you have read so far about Barbara Bartlein makes it quite obvious why she is a top choice for a business event concerned with growing a better company culture. She knows how to capture and deliver science-backed evidence in a catchy and not overbearing manner. In other words, participants will assimilate new values easily.

3. Workplace Ethics

This concept should be something each employer takes as seriously as it gets because it is what drives a working collective further.

According to it, the following values should be ensured:

  • integrity
  • accountability
  • commitment
  • collaboration.

With her organizational and keynote speaking background, Barbara Bartlein is an authority in cultivating workplace ethics. Her book, Energy Suckers – How to Deal with Bullies in the Workplace makes yet another compelling argument in favor of this statement.

Ready to Take Your Company Culture to a Whole New Level?

That means you have been inspired by Barbara Bartlein’s profile and are ready to inspire your team, as well. They will be inspired to increase their personal growth efforts to be in tune with the company values you want to instill.

That being said, make sure you waste no more time and book Barbara (or other corporate speakers of her caliber) by filling in our contact form here.

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