The Benefits of Booking a TEDx Speaker for Your Next Event

TEDx Speakers Jodi Bondi Norgaard

Written by Tim Grable

February 19, 2018

Since it first came out, TEDx has always been popular among younger audiences. As time passed, it has grown alongside its demographic while, at the same time, continuing to stay fresh and exciting.

How did the organization manage to remain relevant, but also on top of mainstream media for so many years? We believe this success is due to the talent of the amazing speakers who have come to grace its stages.

Can we assume you have seen at least one video featuring a TEDx speaker at a TEDx event?

We took the liberty to assume this because TED talks have become increasingly popular – to the point people identify them with a certain kind of discourse: funny, engaging and aimed at providing valuable takeaways.’

Reasons Why You Should Hire TEDx Speakers For Your Next Event

If you are planning an event – be it a fundraiser or corporate – you may be looking for exactly this kind of speakers. So we thought it would be useful to break down the characteristics making them such excellent picks for various types of events.

1) Not Your Usual, Run-of-the-Mill Topics

Event audience members are changing in that they are harder and harder to impress.

That is why you need a compelling event or talk topic.

The Benefits of Booking a TEDx Speaker for Your Next Event

Finding a talk topic which is intriguing and fresh, yet still relevant and consistent is a challenge event organizers face consistently.

However, the problem can be solved if you book TEDx speakers to come to your event.

These speakers are used to coming up with topics which are less common. Most of the time, they also add a personal touch to these topics: either their own experience or an original conclusion.

2) A TEDx Speaker Knows How to Deliver Value

Usually, TED speakers are adamant about making their speech clear, concise and also easy to follow.

This way, they build and polish their discourse in such a way it delivers a message to individuals coming from various backgrounds.

This adds great value to a talk, so having former TED speakers at your event means all your guests will get your message and take real value from it.

A TEDx speaker who’s used to being concise will deliver just the right amount of everything (professional insight, personal experience, humor, visuals, takeaways) so each guest can leave the event with a relevant aspect for their lives.

To support this claim, we thought of giving you the example of a speaker with TEDx experience. His name is Jag Randhawa, and he specializes in talks on bottom-up innovation culture.

Jag can inspire a company’s employees to find their inner resources for personal growth with topics like:

  • the innovation mindset
  • keeping up with tech trends
  • superior service
  • the future of leadership
  • adapting to change
  • high-performance teams.

Watch him during one of his talks:

3) They Will Inspire Your Guests

Going to the comment section of any video of a TEDx presentation, you will most likely see someone comment something along the lines of “this presentation changed my life.”

TEDx Speakers Jodi Bondi Norgaard

While it may seem a bit overblown, such a statement does have truth to it. TEDx presentations are meant to be inspirational and life-affirming.

Whether watching a presentation about corporate culture or psychology, all of them have one main takeaway – to inspire the viewers to do more or to bring about change in their lives.

When it comes to inspiring change, Jodi Bondi Norgaard is the perfect candidate for the job. She is an inspirational speaker who advocates for more responsibility, truth, and transparency.

In her view, these are the core values every leader should aspire to. And through her speeches, she sets entrepreneurs on the path of self-discovery, determination, and innovation.

4) Customized Experience

Within the lines above, we talked about the fact a TEDx speaker polishes their act, so it is as straightforward as possible.

This leads to another benefit of having them speak at your event: they will know how to focus on and highlight your brand or your product(s).

Most of them are media-savvy, so they will know how to package their act.

5) They Always Manage to Deliver

Whether watching a presentation for the performance or the ideas, the fact of the matter is that everyone can find something valuable in a TEDx presentation.

TEDx speakers create a discourse which can be easily digested by viewers of all background or ages. Having a concise message from which all your guests can take away the same information is the sign of an experienced speaker.

Scott Schwefel

Scott Schwefel is the kind of speaker who will package his message in a way everyone in the audience hall can understand and take real value from it.

He is a communication expert and a natural-born leader. He has been the founder of Minnesota’s largest tech training company, Benchmark Computer Learning, and nowadays serves as a consultant for many Fortune 500 companies.

His presentations are ideal for any aspiring entrepreneurs or future leaders. His expertise comes from hands-on experience of conducting very successful business deals.

Scott has been commended for his outstanding qualities as a speaker, having a very commanding presence and conciseness which cannot be rivaled. He may be presenting in front of hundreds, but it feels as if he’s having a one on one with each member of the audience.

6) Recognizable Figures and Influencers

If you are not at your first attempt at organizing an event, you know headlines featuring familiar figures are more likely to generate buzz before the event.

People who are invited to speak at TEDx talks have that extra capacity of moving people and determining them to take action. If, for instance, you are organizing a fundraiser, this kind of speaker can structure the speech in such a way it supports your cause in subtle yet powerful ways.

Kendall Ciesemier is one speaker who can do that:

Plus, a lot of the time, they are local influencers, entrepreneurs or active members of the civil society. Having them at your event will help you increase your local event’s visibility.

7) TEDx Speakers Offer Something Unique

Whether you have attended a TEDx conference or watched a few presentations online, it’s safe to assume you have been through the “TEDx experience” at least once.

Gail Rubin

Starting with their motto “ideas worth spreading,” you most likely have noticed that TEDx events are actively pushing the boundaries of knowledge.

So when it comes to pushing boundaries, they don’t shy away from stepping into unconventional territory. Such is the case with Gail Rubin.

She is a TEDx regular and among the organization’s more left-field speakers. She is often referred to as a death educator, and her presentations are tackling subjects such as aging, mortality, and end-of-life planning.

Her subject matter may seem grim. However, Gail is a very cheerful figure who doesn’t avoid to dip her toes into stand-up and black comedy.

By profession, she is a certified thanatologist and a consultant for many organizations which help the elderly prepare for end-of-life issues.

Your No. 1 Source for Corporate Entertainment

If there’s one takeaway from this article is that TEDx speakers are worth hiring. They will elevate your event to the next level and offer your guests an experience they’ll surely remember!

If you want to bring TED levels of quality to your show, then be sure to give us a call at (615) 283-0039, and we will gladly assist you!  Click here, have your pick and then head over to the contact form.

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