The Best Corporate Event Speakers Who Will Energize and Educate

The best corporate event speakers have a unique ability to entertain, inform, and educate an audience – inspiring fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. They are also able to communicate in both a live and online program.

Energy is contagious, such as laughter. This is the reason why you need to choose the speaker for your corporate event carefully.

Regardless of the event type, you’re organizing; there’s one thing you need to make sure of absolutely: that the speaker will bring incredible energy into the room and connect with your audience at a deeper level.

Top speakers are always engaging and empowering, leaving guests feeling recharged and energized to meet the challenges of the world around them.

Does that sound like the kind of professional speaker you’d like to bring on stage at your next event?  Get to know 10 of the best speakers who are available for hire.

1. Susan Constantine

Susan Constantine teaches business leaders how to use and read body language which ultimately helps them have a strategic advantage in sales and negotiations.

Thanks to her extensive experience in interpreting gestures, facial expressions, and body language, Susan can also help your audience master their body language so they can communicate more efficiently.

Her presentations and training are dynamic, provocative, educational and entertaining at the same time.

Whether you are organizing teambuilding or a workshop, or you need a keynote speaker for your conference, we recommend considering Susan for that well-needed energy boost.

2. Mark J. Lindquist

Mark J. Lindquist has had appearances on LOST, Hawaii Five-O and the movie Battleship.

Aside from being one of the best corporate event speakers, Mark is a highly sought-after National Anthem singer. Until now, he has performed live for over 2.5 million people in 22 countries.

Many of his past clients describe Mark as the highlight of their event, and this was all due to his phenomenal energy, enthusiasm, and ability to connect with audiences of all sizes.

His main four programs focus on passion, sales, customer service, and gratitude. Keeping an audience engaged throughout an entire corporate event is Mark’s specialty, so if you want to leave your guests utterly satisfied after the event, then Mark is your choice.

3. Robert Van Arlen

Robert Van Arlen is an experienced speaker, trainer, and coach who delivers training programs for corporations worldwide.

He is incredibly charismatic, passionate and can make audiences want to improve themselves and make a difference.

All of Robert’s programs are dynamic, engaging and he always makes sure to deliver insights and techniques the audience can apply at their job.

His energy is contagious, and his presentations are a must for organizations that want to learn more about corporate engagement.

4. Thom Singer

Thom Singer believes there’s a gap between potential and results. This is why his presentations focus on encouraging practical actions.

He genuinely cares about his audience and because of this Thom will tailor each presentation according to the needs of each company.

Being a gifted motivational speaker, Thom can easily teach people how they can build mutually beneficial business relationships.

Thanks to his energy, he will make your audience actively participate in his presentations and become more comfortable when communicating with other people.

5. Crystal Washington

A social media and Web expert, Crystal Washington educates her audiences on the practical applications of social media networks to boost profits and productivity.

One of the qualities which make Crystal stand out is her ability to present complex Web and social media topics in a way that is accessible, entertaining, and easy to understand for everyone, regardless of their level of expertise in this field.

Plus, her content is action-focused, leaving guests armed with fresh ideas they can start implementing right away, making Crystal one of the top keynote speakers working today.

Check out the presentation video below to further get to know Crystal and gain a better sense of the kind of value she will add to your corporate event.

Crystal’s list of previous clients includes Google, Microsoft, and GE, and your company’s name could be next on the list.

6. Marianne Ragins

As a senior in high-school, Marianne won nearly half a million dollars in scholarships for college.

Now one of the best corporate event speakers, Marianna’s primary goal, is to motivate and inspire individuals to reach beyond what they think it’s possible by educating them about the opportunities which are all around them.

Her insightful and interactive presentations are full of personal examples that inspire action, leaving attendees feeling motivated and empowered to go after what they want.

Marianna always manages to energize her audiences with her contagious enthusiasm, and she can do the same for your guests.

Watch the video below to discover even more benefits of booking her to speak at your event.

7. Vicki Hitzges

A former award-winning Dallas TV news anchor and publicist, Vicki Hitzges provides attendees with the insight and tools they need to create a more productive, positive work environment. 

With her humorous presentations, Vicki manages to create a genuine connection with her audiences while also giving them the skills to develop a culture of encouragement, which leads to improved collaboration and increases employee morale.

All of which translates into higher profits for your organization.

If you’re looking for an engaging speaker to deliver a high-energy presentation on teamwork, customer service, and dealing with change, Vicki is right for you.

Does Your Event Need Motivational and Empowering Speakers? Then We Got What You Need

8. Gregg Riley

When you first see Gregg Riley, you will be amazed by how much he resembles Dr. Martin Luther King. Gregg is a well-known speaker, author, leadership expert, and actor.

He has been teaching organizations all about success for more than 30 years now.

His presentations are always insightful, high impact and he also manages to leave audiences energized, motivated and inspired.

Gregg’s greatest passion is to help organizations reach their maximum potential, which is why he’s also consulting regularly with commercial and government organizations on change management, diversity, leadership, productivity, program/project management and technology innovation.

9. Neal Petersen

Neal Petersen will transform your business by cultivating the mindset which focuses on eliminating barriers and finding the best solutions.

He uses his life story to deliver unique messages and help people open their minds. With passion, hope, and determination, anyone can take adversity head on and achieve any goal.

Neal’s ability to relate and connect with audiences has translated into amazing reviews and rousing standing ovations.

For every speaking session, Neal brings a treasure chest on stage which symbolizes how he turned barriers into opportunities. He can even integrate stunning imagery and lightning, thunder and fog to make his performance even more compelling and entertaining.

If you want to hire a speaker who can show your employees how to get closer to achieving success, then Neal Peterson is the person you want to consider for an event.

10. Caroline Dowd-Higgins

Caroline Dowd-Higgins has more than 18 years of career and professional development experience. Her greatest passion is helping people achieve their personal goals.

Regarding keynote style, Caroline is engaging, highly-energetic, positive and empowering.

Her former career as an opera singer has helped hone the fine art of confidence, self-promotion and stage presence.

Caroline’s programs provide actionable tools and resources which empower individuals to thrive in life and their careers. Moreover, she’s an expert at giving professionals the best advice when it comes to fine-tuning their communication skills and improve their professional public image and effectiveness in the workplace.

Your Program Needs the Best Corporate Event Speakers

Enthusiastic and energetic corporate keynote speakers can completely change the atmosphere of your special event. Not to mention the fact your guests will leave feeling uplifted, motivated and ready to give their best.

The Best Keynote Speakers – on Stage at Your Event

Hiring amazing speakers are a must if you want to leave your guests energized and eager to attend upcoming events you’ll be organizing.

The speakers featured in this article all have the necessary expertise and experience to energize and educate an audience. Interested in booking one of these motivational speakers

Our speakers are leaders in business, technology, marketing, cybersecurity, and many more. So, regardless of your industry and the theme of your event, we’re confident you’ll be able to find the right speaker in our portfolio.

Start browsing now for your next event, then consider booking one of these amazing speakers for either your live or virtual event. Feel free to contact us at (615) 283-0039 if you want to ask us any questions or hire them directly.

Tim Grable

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