Best Ways to Maintain Strong Business Relations

Colette Carlson

Written by Tim Grable

June 30, 2018


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Either you prefer the lone-wolf approach to do business, or you’re a team player, in the corporate environment, one thing is for sure, you will interact with many people.

That’s why a smart decision would be to maintain good business relations through your entire career. It’s a well-known fact that good alliances yield fruitful results.

The big names in the industry have done it for years. How did they manage it?

Our business experts have the answer to that!

Strong Relations Lie in the Humans Which Tie Them

This is the lesson that Colette Carlson teaches us through her humorous presentations. The fact that we should drive most of our attention to the human side of doing business.

After all, relationships in the business world are connections between individuals where all parties involved should end up benefiting from.

 Colette Carlson Best Ways to Maintain Strong Business Relations

Business relations are very comparable to real-life friendships. It is not so much about focusing on having too many of them, but more about knowing how to maintain a select few.

We create meaningful connections by communicating and humanizing business relations, by treating business partners as individuals.

Be mindful of this. In hindsight, not all business connections are going to be beneficial, and it’s wise to avoid those who may not give you the opportunity to develop yourself further.

There is so much more to be learned from her energized talks, and that alone is a reason why you should consider booking Colette Carlson for your event.

Using Social Media to Solidify Business Relations

Technology is at the heart of today’s business relations. That’s what Terry Brock tells us. He is a professional that has worked in numerous business fields and uses the accumulated knowledge to his advantage!

His background started with an undergraduate degree in communication, which afterward has to lead him to pursue a Master’s degree in Business and Marketing.

Now, he operates in the public speaking sector, and tech is his primary focus, from Bitcoin to eCommerce and social media.

What do Bitcoin and social media have in common?

To operate, they are vitalized by a strong sense of community. Terry says that the world of business should learn from this.

Terry Brock

In his view, we should use the power of today’s technology to get in touch with clients, to keep engaged in our community.

This vision towards the future makes Terry a favorite among his audiences. Also, if you are among those who want to boost their business to the next level, then Terry is a perfect choice.

Growth Is Achieved by Working Together

Cooperation is the norm in the business world. The industry leaders have learned this lesson, and their success serves as a testament to its effectiveness.

Through their presentations, our speakers can teach the audience more about the business environment and why it is instrumental to make good partnerships. That is why their presence is an invaluable asset to your event!

We are The Grable Group, and if our speakers made a lasting impression, then you wouldn’t want to miss our other performers. Browse our catalog now!

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