3 Best Selling Business Authors Who Can Provide Unique Financial Advice

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Written by Tim Grable

June 22, 2018

Financial advice is something best left in the hands of experts.

Whether you’re looking for ways to make informed financial decisions or better allocate your business’s resources, this article has a solution.

We have selected 3 experts in the field of finance who know the business world inside-out. They are best selling business authors and speakers who have years of experience in the corporate environment.

Get to know them – as well as a few of the reasons why you should book them for your next event – in the following lines!

3 Best Selling Business Authors Who Can Provide Unique Financial Advice

1. David S. Rose

David S. Rose is the right man to consult in regards to the financial side of your organization, whether it relates to investing, financial planning or funding.

David is no stranger to the corporate landscape, as his involvement with the first online communities started in the 1970’s. From the time he made his first investment to now, there haven’t been any signs of him slowing down.

His activity has been mostly focused on IT, which has led him to achieve significant success. So, regarding him as an investment visionary would not be an overstatement.

David shares his knowledge and expertise during his presentations and in his book titled “The Startup Checklist.” He provides valuable information about how to successfully finance and develop a startup business to achieve high growth.

Here’s a video of David during a TEDx talk about “Success.”

2. Paul Kingsman

If there’s someone who can give top advice in the industry, it should be a man on the other side of the fence. That’s Paul Kingsman, who for many years has served as a financial insider and who now shares his expertise via compelling presentations.

Have a look for yourself in the video below!

He is also among the best selling business authors with his book “The Distraction-Proof Advisor” in which he provides advice on how to avoid distractions and focus on the end goals.

As a speaker, his presentations are aptly tailored to provide the best insight on how to maximize profits. Paul’s narrative is focused on teaching individuals to gain control, work smarter, and establish productive behaviors that can be applied to all business areas – including finance.

3. Chuck Malkus

One of the qualities that makes someone stand out among best selling business authors is the ability to tell an engaging story while giving sound advice at the same time. So Chuck fits that description.

Chuck Malkus is no stranger to the business world; he has been a marketing strategist and ethical advisor for years on end, even to the point where the Miami Herald dubbed him as the “public relations guru.”

However, Chuck’s book is what propelled him to the ranks of best-selling authors. Called “The Ultimate Ponzi: Scott Rothstein Story,” it’s a humor-filled account of the Scott Rothstein scandal, which was a case of corporate opulence gone wrong.

The principles mentioned in his talks which touch on the importance of strong business ethics are relevant across all areas of the corporate world. This, of course, includes financial decisions.

Here’s a video of Chuck Malkus in action – doing what he does best!

Get Advice from Best Selling Business Authors

The world of finances is not without risks, but a chance you can avoid is that of not paying attention to the legitimate advice out there.

So why not take advantage of the opportunity to book one of the expert speakers included in this article right now? Reach out to us at 615 283 0039 in case you have any questions.

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