Bob Goff – Inspirational Speaker and Human Rights Activist

Written by Tim Grable

June 23, 2017

Motivational speakers are in high demand nowadays, and their popularity is steadily growing. If you want to invite one as entertainment for your next event, we have got an excellent suggestion for you: Bob Goff.

He is a perfect match for charity and business occasions alike. His fascinating life experience and achievements in the humanitarian field are just two reasons to work with him.

So, let’s find out more about him.

A Human Rights Activist

Bob is a well-known human rights activist. His strong urge to help others lead to the foundation of Restore International, a non-profit organization.

This allowed him to pursue his drive for helping others in a way that made a difference for the better. Restore International brought aid to people in need located all over the world.

Their most intense efforts were focused on countries like Somalia, Uganda, and India.

Bob Goff played a significant role when it comes to fighting injustice and helping children and women whose rights were often violated.

Some of the main actions Bob organized were:

  • challenging children imprisonment
  • providing educational opportunities for children
  • actions against forced prostitution and sexual slavery

Bob’s efforts in Uganda are especially remarkable, and they have been rewarded. He has been appointed as Honorific Consul of the US in this country.

Bob Goff - Inspirational Speaker and Human Rights Activist

A Gifted Author and Teacher

Many know Bob Goff as the author of ‘’Love Does’’, a New York Times best-selling book. This delightful piece of work describes Bob’s life philosophy and the essence of his faith in love.

The author does not consider that love ‘is.’ In his view, love ‘does’ because he firmly believes in the actionable love. Bob’s thrilling book is a tribute to this supreme feeling which triggers change, a lesson he often promotes in his discourses.  

Besides being an author and an activist, Bob has got another side which will probably surprise you. He is also a law specialist who has worked in this field for over two decades.

He still does, somehow, as a non-profit and business law teacher. He practices at the Point Loma Nazarene University and Pepperdine Law School.

Bob Goff

Bob Goff – an Inspirational Speaker

Bob can engage and persuade each member of the public to embark on a long self-discovery journey. His passionate speech invites guests to reflect on day-to-day topics. His words are a positive reinforcement which aims to help people better themselves.

Bob’s friendly approach and his -practical manner make him a suitable speaker for any type of public event.

His positive message highlights the power of love. He urges as all to use this force and make it an actionable instrument.

His humanitarian call is perfect for organizations and companies involved in charity work. Bob has been delivering speeches at all sort of events including corporate, college or charity occasions.

His vast experience in public speaking and his personal story are two main reasons to book him for your next event.

One More Thing Before You Head Out

Bob Goff is one of the people we take great pride in working with. He is a terrific person and a dedicated professional.

We recommend him open-heartedly to any organization which needs an inspirational speaker for a special occasion. If you want to find out more about Bob and book him for your event, check out his profile in our portfolio.

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