Things To Look Out For When Booking A Motivational Speaker

Motivational Speaker Arthur Fratelli

Written by Tim Grable

August 16, 2022

A motivational speaker is essential to any high-profile event, whether a conference or a corporate meeting.

As events become more numerous during this time of the year, it’s becoming increasingly harder to get a hold of well-trained professionals.

We understand that this puts much pressure on the shoulders of event organizers. However, we believe you should not cut corners when booking a motivational speaker – because it will negatively affect the audience’s experience.

We wrote this article to help you identify some key elements which we believe any great motivational speaker should exhibit. Even better, for each quality we’ll showcase, we’ll provide you with a speaker as an example.

1. The Sign of a Good Leader

Leadership is one of the qualities greatly desired in the corporate world. Authentic leadership doesn’t constitute a role; it’s a personality trait – a certain something that allows us to provide others with valuable insight and relentless motivation.

There can be a leader in each of us, but it’s being set back by factors that we might not yet grasp. A tremendous effort is required to help people overcome their blockades, but an excellent motivational speaker has what it takes to help people overcome this impasse.

What sets a good speaker apart from others is the ability to change mindsets and instill confidence in people to be better versions of themselves.

For many years, booking a motivational speaker like  Kim Becking has helped people overcome hardship and led them down the path to a prosperous career. She is an industry leader on the topic of change and a proven inspirational coach that has many success stories to back her up.

Kim Becking hiring a virtual speaker

2. Great Storytelling

A good speaker stands out from the rest through his ability to convey emotions and get people’s reactions through words alone.

Even more than that, an experienced storyteller is dynamic and shatters people’s wrong impression that what they’re hearing might be staged or disingenuous.

Good storytelling involves convincing people to pay attention to the words and the message behind them. And for over 20 years, Don Yaeger has managed to reach the minds and hearts of his audience.

As a speaker, he has worked with diverse audiences and enthralled each of them with his inspirational stories. And indeed, he has quite the stories to tell – he has been in Iraq and Afghanistan during times of conflict and interviewed many famous and infamous figures worldwide, such as politicians, football legends, and former terrorists.

Booking A Motivational Speaker

3. Good Humor

Humor is the secret ingredient that keeps an event from ever becoming stale. Great speakers are versatile and quick to recognize when humor is most impactful. By default, conferences are more serious, but a well-placed joke can help make the whole event livelier.

There’s a lot to be gained from booking a motivational speaker at your event – not only will audiences learn new things or get inspired, but they can also say they had a good time.

Arthur Fratelli knows how to walk the fine line between humor and staidness. For years, he has excited audiences with his highly interactive speeches but has also made sure that he packed them with highly inspirational quips.

Having a first-hand experience of hardship, he understood that the best approach to life is to laugh in the face of adversity. And he wants to share this lesson with every one of his listeners.

Arthur Fratelli

Consider Booking a Motivational Speaker

We hope you’ll better understand how to eye out the ideal speakers for your event. We know the process cannot be oversimplified, but we hope our article has helped you.

If you’re interested in working with the speakers we’ve presented, let’s contact and talk more about them.

At the Grable Group, we offer a wide variety of industry professionals from all kinds of entertainment niches. If you’re looking for something in particular, call us at 615-283-0039, and let’s talk more!

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