What Makes Booking a Speaker a Smart Investment

What Makes Booking a Speaker a Smart Investment

Written by Tim Grable

April 7, 2020

Planning a successful corporate event is all about making the right decisions and knowing what to prioritize. That being said, booking a speaker for your corporate event is one of the best investments you can make to ensure it’s going to be a success.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the most important reasons why. Keep reading.

1. A Virtual Speaker Can Offer Unparalleled Expertise

A top speaker who is also a thought-leader in their area of expertise will be able to provide tremendous insight and practical takeaways that can educate and inspire your audience.

In turn, this will add more credibility and more value to your event, building up the reputation of your organization.

Someone like Jeff Korhan, for example, will not only entertain your guests but also provide them with crucial knowledge they can use to improve their work performance.

A leader in digital marketing, Jeff teaches the skills marketers and sales teams need to communicate branded customer experiences that sell.

You can learn more about his available programs here.

What Makes Booking a Speaker a Smart Investment

2. Hiring a Speaker Helps Boost Engagement at Your Event

Audience engagement plays a massive part in your event’s success.  If your audience is not engaged, they will most likely leave unsatisfied and unimpressed. What’s more, chances are they won’t ever want to return for any future event.

Another reason why booking a speaker is a smart investment is that they also add value in terms of attendee engagement – helping to keep your event guests focused and enthusiastic.

Jessica Best is an email marketing and social media expert speaker who is often praised for the passion and energy with which she delivers every presentation. What’s more, Jessica manages to capture the audience’s attention by working together with them – rather than just speaking to them.

This presentation style is extremely engaging and interactive, making every guest feel included in the conversation.

Check out the video below to get to know Jessica better and see her engaging presentation style in action.

3. Booking a Speaker Can Drive Positive Change Within Your Organization

The benefits of bringing a professional to speak at your corporate event are far-reaching, extending after the event.

That’s because the right message at the right time can produce substantial change within your organization by challenging outdated ideas and providing a new perspective.

Furthermore, bringing an outside speaker can help at getting members of your company up to speed with the latest industry trends and knowledge, which can lead to innovation in terms of your work processes.

Niklas Myhr is one of those speakers whose insight can lead to positive transformation within your organization.

Known as “The Social Media Professor,” Niklas combines current trends and established principles in his presentations, inspiring attendees to innovate their social media and digital marketing strategies.

Check out Niklas TEDx presentation called The Modern Specialist. 

Find the Best Keynote Speakers in Our Portfolio

As you saw from this article, there are many benefits which come with booking a speaker for your next event. However, not all speakers are created equal.

The good news is that you can find premium keynote speakers without having to do extensive research. All you have to do is start browsing through our extensive portfolio of speakers and entertainers, which features over 1,800 options of top-shelf entertainment.

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