3 Things That Booking a TEDx Speaker Can Bring to Your Event

Jan Spence

Written by Tim Grable

February 13, 2020

TEDx has become a worldwide phenomenon, and its success is owed to the outstanding speakers it has featured throughout the years.

Booking a TEDx speaker brings a whole new dynamic to the stage and to give you a better idea about this; in the following paragraphs, we will go into detail about the value TEDx speakers can bring to your events.

A Boost in Motivation

People often feel they aren’t given enough opportunities to do their best. In today’s environment, many feel overworked and have difficulties in finding some time to invest in their dreams.

While this may be true, they are quick to fall in the trap of coming up with excuses rather than taking action. And this type of mindset limits anyone’s potential.

However, this issue isn’t left unaddressed, as many professionals took it upon themselves to help people reignite their once lost passion.

3 Things That Booking a TEDx Speaker Can Bring to Your Event

A renowned figure among such professionals is Jan Spence, motivational speaker, CEO, and owner of the FiltaFry franchise.

Jan started in sports, being a professional female football player. After withdrawing from sports, she felt the drive to do much more with her life and dabbled in entrepreneurship.

Nowadays, due to her unrelenting determination, she is an excellent life coach and motivator. As a TEDx speaker, she helps her audience get rid of mental blockers and to dismount any trappings which have settled in their lives.

Exposure to New Ideas

Booking a TEDx speaker is a great way to discover new ideas.  They are known worldwide for their unconventional wisdom and knowledge about things that might go over an average person’s head.

The reason for their success is that they dare to explore fresh ideas and then present them in a way in which people can learn a lot of new things.

One of the most innovative speakers in this category is Caroline Adams Miller. She is a leading expert in motivation and believes every goal is achievable as long as we have the right mindset for it.

She has come up with revolutionary new strategies and ideas which can help people cultivate what she calls “good grit.”

This concept revolves around the idea of letting go of the things which are weighing us down professionally and emotionally and instead to put more effort into developing those who can help us in the long-term.

 Caroline Adams Miller

An Incredibly Entertaining Experience

The word on the street is that TEDx presentations are informative, but they are also much more than that. One thing TEDx speakers aren’t given enough credit for is just how entertaining their performances can be.

Booking a TEDx speaker can be very engaging and can take the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions. Sometimes, viewers are presented with ideas that are delivered with calmness and sobriety; other times, they are engaged through laughter-inducing stories.

 Marty Wilson

Marty Wilson is a speaker and award-winning comic from Australia. He specializes in inspiring people to become high-achievers, and he does it through the power of storytelling and humor.

As a comedian, his presentations are chock-full of jokes and uplifting anecdotes which have people laughing loudly through the audience hall.

Consider Booking a TEDx Speaker?

A TEDx event may be happening right now somewhere around the world – and with a bit of help, you can bring the same level of quality to your event, as well.

You can hire certified and well-respected TEDx speakers for your upcoming event. Head over to our online portfolio, where you can find some of the best professionals in the industry!

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