Why Chad Eastham is the Most Inspirational Speaker for Youth Events

Written by Tim Grable

March 14, 2017


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At first glance, you may feel like Chad Eastham is nothing but the right speaker for youth events. Especially if you take a look at his teenage years.

For example, he has been locked up in juvenile and rehab for a few years.

Everyone makes mistakes, and some of them can cost you significantly. One of the biggest gifts young people can get the opportunity to learn from other’s mistakes.

It’s one of the great things which Chad brings to every event he’s invited.

Who’s Chad Eastham More Exactly?

Why Chad Eastham is the Most Inspirational Speaker for Youth Events

Chad had a rough childhood. His parents divorced when he was six. As mentioned above, he did some time in juvenile and went through rehab with his sister.

Chad has spent half of his life ‘being a problem.’ It’s that pain which has led him to where he is today and drives him to help others. He first became a drug and alcohol dependency counselor.

Chad also had the opportunity of traveling to Rwanda to help create a short documentary on genocide and the need for child sponsorship.

He hosted World Vision music festivals, spoke for five years nationally on child support through The Revolve Tour and earned national and international experience as a spokesperson for World Vision.

He worked with troubled young people intensively – therapies, education, faith-based groups and then collaboration with outdoor camps from Colorado to Kodiak, Alaska.

How Is He As a Youth Events Speaker

Chad is now during the other half of his life, where he’s trying to ‘fix the problem.’

He has written numerous books for teens, educational DVD’s and various articles on culture, faith, and social development.

Chad gets today’s teens, and young adults and they understand him because he is relatable and funny. He has the power to explain complicated facts with a unique type of humor. He tells teens attending youth events it is okay to be uncertain and to ask questions honestly.

Chad speaks their language, so his message gets through.

He is talked to more than a million teens and young adults. Additionally, teens love his YouTube videos which have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times so far. Here’s an example:

Chad Eastham: Guys Are Waffles, Girls Are Spaghetti

Why Should Your Hire Chad Eastham

Chad has been called a young Dr. Drew. His speech captivates young audiences because he uses an extremely entertaining style.

Those who hear one of Chad’s live speeches or read one of his books win so much! First of all, they walk away encouraged and empowered. They get a deeper insight of who they are. Chad’s speeches can amplify any teen’s sense of self-worth making them realize they are not alone.

Most adolescents are searching for answers and Chad has them.

If it all sound good to you and one of your upcoming youth events is lacking a compelling and inspiring speaker, go ahead and get in touch with us to book Chad Eastham.

The Grable Group is a professional booking agency and entertainment company with years of experience in managing some of the best talents you can find.

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