6 Corporate Speakers Whom Will Make Your Event Irresistible

Maja Kazazic

Written by Tim Grable

December 22, 2019

Whether your goal is to drive change, boost company performance, or remotivate your teams who are grappling to keep up previous performance levels, one thing worth considering is bringing in a keynote speaker.

More often than not, corporate speakers can offer a different, fresh perspective and share new ideas and techniques which will help a company step forward.

Plus, they can help bring new energy and inspiration to jaded organizations, by re-engaging teams and teaching them how they can reach their full potential.

Having a top speaker on the event’s agenda will not only increase the perceived value of your event, but it will also make it more intriguing while increasing the engagement level of guests.

Therefore, it’s an effective way to make your event irresistible and maximize attendance.

Moreover, like the one in charge of planning the event, you have a great responsibility to select professional speakers who will hit a home run with your audience.

There are many significant benefits of booking a professional speaker. In this article, we want to introduce you to 6 such keynote speakers who would make an excellent addition to your event.

These Corporate Speakers Inspire Breakthrough Results, One Audience at a Time

Maja Kazazic, 3 Corporate Speakers Whom Will Make Your Event Irresistible

1. Maja Kazazic

  • Speaks on: Leadership, Sales, Confidence, Change, Adversity, Attitude

Maja Kazazic was only 16-years-old when she experienced a dramatic event that would change her life forever. Her teenage years coincided with the Bosnian war.  Maja was living in Bosnia at that time, was nearly killed by a grenade that exploded in her courtyard.

Luckily, she managed to survive, but both her legs had to be amputated below the knee due to sustained injuries. Despite the challenges presented to her, she always had an incredible will to overcome any obstacle. She was determined to succeed against all the odds.

Today, she inspires the same resilience in others – providing her audiences with the tools and mindsets they need to skyrocket productivity, profitability, and balance.

With her compelling, highly-relatable presentations, she shows how it’s possible to overcome any challenge which comes your way, push your limits, and exceed seemingly impossible goals.

Want to learn more about Maja and her inspirational life story? Check out the interview below.

2. Rome Madison

  • Speaks on: Sales, Performance, Leadership, Marketing and Communications, Strategic Planning, Stakeholder Management  

A former senior vice president in the life sciences industry, Rome draws from his elite leadership experience to deliver principles organizations can use to achieve and sustain top results.

Rome is an expert on building a culture of leadership that can support excellence. But perhaps his most significant assets is his ability to connect with his audience and captivate their attention.

By watching the video below, you can get a better sense of how people in the audience perceive his presentations – and how they respond to the content presented on stage.

These testimonials speak volumes about the impact of booking top corporate speakers like Rome Madison can have on your event.

Take a look:

3. Keith Herman

  • Speaks on: Business Growth, Business, Technology, Disruptive Technology, Innovation and Leadership

A business growth expert in the fields of innovation and disruptive technologies, Keith Herman, works with leaders and organizations to implement empowerment which leads to breakthrough results.

With his insightful presentations, Keith helps keep companies from becoming static because of stagnant thinking and shows how a tiny change in mindset can inspire powerful transformation.

Plus, having owned and created more than 50 businesses across 6 different industries, Keith draws on personal experience to teach his audience how to grow businesses through leadership, acquiring top talent, communication, and teambuilding.

Get to know Keith Herman even better by watching the presentation video below.

4. Garrison Wynn

  • Speaks on: Leadership, Change, Generational Differences, Sales, Safety Communication, Employee Engagement

An award-winning speaker, Garrison Wynn, fuses comic timing with insight into what the most successful people have in common to deliver motivational business expertise.

As one of the best corporate speakers, Garrison is known for delivering original, industry-specific content and for always adapting his speech to the message and core values of the organization which hired him.

If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker who will not only make your guests think but also laugh, then Garrison is someone you should consider booking. Your guests will leave the event feeling inspired, educated, and energized to explore new possibilities for growth.

Check out the video below to watch a snippet of one of Garrison’s presentations and get a better sense of his style as a motivational speaker.

5. Eric Moss

  • Speaks on: Inspirational, Motivation, Entertainment, Performance Improvement, Mental Strength and Empowerment

Eric Moss is not only one of the top corporate speakers you can book for your corporate events, but he’s also one of the strongest speakers you can bring on stage. And we mean that literally!

During his presentations, Eric will bend steel, breaks chains, and drives nails through wooden boards – solely by using his hands.

This way, he doesn’t just abstractly talk about the power of having the right attitude to reimagine what’s possible and achieve top performance; he also shows tangible proof of concept.

Eric Moss is the one to book if you want to offer your audiences an experience that is inspiring, entertaining, and impactful. Check out the video below, and you’ll see why Eric’s presentations are truly memorable.

6. Greg Bell

  • Speaks on: Leadership, Teamwork/Teambuilding, Relationships, Inspirational, Change and Innovation

A motivational speaker, author, and recognized thought leader, Greg Bell helps organizations and individuals leverage the skills they already possess to reach peak performance.

Fifteen years of corporate development and leadership training experience have allowed Greg to create transformational, insightful presentations that act as a catalyst for growth.

With his keynotes, Greg not only provides his audiences with the “tools” needed to achieve incredible growth – but also with the encouragement and motivation they need to reach their full potential.

If you’re looking for a speaker who will help your organization attain maximum performance, start by watching the video below and learning more about Greg Bell.

Book the Best Corporate Speakers for Your Events

If you want to bring new life into your organization, introduce your teams to the latest industry knowledge, and pump up company morale, booking an expert speaker is an excellent idea.

If you’re looking for some more inspiration in terms of the type of entertainers and speakers you can book, we can help.

Feel free to browse through our extensive portfolio featuring top corporate entertainers, speaking professionals, musicians, and more to find the right entertainment for your next event.  The Grable Group manages a select pool of keynote speakers who can speak on a variety of topics, from innovation and sports to leadership, sales and technology, and more.

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