3 Ways to Get Creative with Your Corporate Event Invitations


Written by Tim Grable

May 9, 2019

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Technology has made it possible to quickly send out digital invitations online to hundreds of guests and get instant replies. So there is no denying the fact that for busy event planners managing multiple aspects of an event, this is a godsend.

However, in a sea of online communication, today’s corporate event invitations often get lost among junk mail and unsolicited sales emails. If seen, they can go ignored and forgotten.

So what can you do to stand out? 

In this post, we shared a few creative tips which will help you revive that personal touch that came with handwriting an invite – while still enjoying the benefits of going digital.

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 3 Ways to Get Creative with Your Corporate Event Invitations

1. Start with Your Theme

The first step in creating corporate event invitations everyone will remember is to link them to your event’s concept in a creative way.

In other words, use the concept as a springboard for the invitations.

For example, say you are going for a Great Gatsby, 20s-inspired theme for a company party. In this case, you can make your invites stand out by going for a glitzy, black and gold, Art Deco design which will instantly help guests picture the overall vibe of the event.

If you rush into sending out invitations before picking a theme, it’s very likely you’ll end up with a bland, standard invite. As a result, those at the receiving end will probably assume the event is just another run of the mill corporate gathering.

2. Play with the Wording

From the subject line, you use to send out your corporate event invitations to the actual content in them, words matter.

Similar to event attire, the words used in your invites should reflect a formal or casual setting. Think about the mood you want to convey and word your invite according to that.

Here are a few tips which can help you get creative when creating the text:

  • Do a Google search to find words, idioms, and queries related to your event’s theme. Include some of them in your content to paint a picture of the event and create a consistent story.
  • Include in the headline and offer guests can’t refuse. For instance, sticking with the example above, you could use something like Party like a Gatsby in honor of us reaching an important milestone. 
  • Add emoji which connect with the event’s theme in your subject line. This way, more people will spot your email-invite in their inbox and feel compelled to open it.


3. Go the Extra Mile when Creating the Digital Invitations

Many people will make their first impression of your event based on the invites they receive. Make it a memorable one by focusing on those special added touches which make the difference. For instance:

  • Include a handwritten signature to give the digital invite a more personal feel.
  • Add an element of design which mimics the look of a postage stamp (make sure the design matches the theme of your Party).
  • Incorporate fun customized drawing and animations which make the invite pop (these can be anything from colorful beach umbrellas to a masquerade mask, depending on your theme).

Bonus: an Instant Way to Make Corporate Event Invitations More Enticing

Design and wording aside, one way to ensure guests will instantly get excited when they open your invitation is to have a remarkable entertainer listed as the special guest of the event.

Also, that is something we can help you with! There are over 1,100 top-level entertainers featured in our portfolio, so you have plenty of excellent options to choose from. Plus, you can find recommendations based on your budget, language, interests and more.

Start browsing now to find an entertainer whose name you’ll want to write in ALL CAPS on your invite.

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