The Best CSP Certified Speakers You Can Hire In 2019

CSP Certified Speakers Sam Silverstein

Written by Tim Grable

September 21, 2019

The CSP is one of the most coveted titles in the world of public speaking. Many keynote speakers spend years to achieve it, and only a distinguished few end up receiving it.

When working with them, you’re getting an absolute premium. It is safe to say CSP certified speakers offer a whole new dynamic to an event, putting on an unrivaled performance.

Which is why, if you’re interested in hiring a speaker, you have come to the right place.

Sam Silverstein

Sam Silverstein is a amazing keynote speaker to help leaders step out of their comfort zones and reinvent the way they do business. He works with both teams and individuals to set them on a path to achieve extraordinary results.

CSP Certified Speakers Sam Silverstein

What can you expect from working with Sam?

Sam is the founder of the Accountability Movement, an effort which aims to change the face of modern business. Through this effort, Sam hopes to sow the seeds of accountability in the mind of every entrepreneur.

On stage, Sam acts as a mentor, giving people the impetus to rely more on themselves and to shift their attention towards producing results, rather than making up excuses.

Due to his hands-on approach to business, Sam has earned much invaluable experience and knows very well how to be at the helm of a successful venture.

He has been an executive and owner of a multi-million dollar manufacturing company and has had numerous run-ins with Fortune 500 companies. Because of this, he is one of the most business-savvy speakers in the industry.

He is a consultant for many organizations from all around the world, actively contributing to help them raise productivity and profits, making him one of the best CSP certified speakers you can hire.

Catherine Molloy

Catherine Molloy is a writer and communication expert who specializes in behavioral science. She is also one of the most in-demand speakers, is internationally recognized for her fiery and forward-thinking attitude.

Her experience is entirely based on scientific research, as she has over 25 years of studying how body-language and behavior impact the way we conduct business.

Catherine Molloy

Besides that, she has also been the founder and CEO of multiple training companies – which she used to prepare the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow better.

In Catherine’s view, body language and communication are the two most important factors when conducting business. Her program, “The Million Dollar Handshake” is a must for everyone looking to make their presence felt.

When doing business, the first 7 seconds are the most important,  with Catherine’s help, your guests will learn how to make an excellent first impression and tilt the odds in their favor.

Marilyn Sherman

Marilyn Sherman is a keynote speaker on our list of CSP certified speakers who’s objective is to transform people into veritable leaders. She puts an incredible amount of passion into her work, a fact which can be felt in the energy she exudes while on stage.

In Marilyn’s point of view, leaders are the most critical piece in the company’s structure – they can make or break a project and often companies cannot afford to offer sub-par training to the leaders they employ.

Marilyn Sherman

For situations like this, Marilyn is the expert companies can rely on. She has the necessary experience and strategies at her disposal to train the ideal leaders, to which anyone can look up to.

Marilyn’s training program opens the door for many individuals to surpass their limits and succeed in their goals. Also, once they’re at the top, they’re going to set an example for the others to pursue a similar path of success.

Work with the Best CSP Certified Speakers

When working with CSP speakers, you can be sure to expect top-tier performances and services of the highest quality.

If you’re determined to turn your event into a unique experience, then be sure to book one of the speakers mentioned in this article.   You can do so by giving us a call at 615 283 0039, and we will help you with all the necessary procedures!

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