How to Encourage Innovation in Your Organization to Get Winning Results

Simon T. Bailey

Written by Tim Grable

March 24, 2018

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Growth is for a company what fire has been for humankind: an absolute necessity.

However, how to fuel and encourage innovation and also integrate it seamlessly into your company culture, so the whole process is cohesive?

The answer is you start from the basics; namely, you invest in your employees. You seek ways of keeping them engaged and prone to creative thinking.

One of these ways is organizing company events where your staff can get the value directly from professionals. This kind of interaction is what drives today’s employees to stay motivated and stick around.

Given how important this aspect has become, we thought of recommending 3 business keynote speakers who do a marvelous job at keeping people’s minds thirsty for knowledge.

Deborah Gardner

It often happens speakers with a sports background are among those who manage to encourage innovation the most successfully.

It happens with Deborah Gardner, as well. The former swimming Olympic contender in 1980 has developed a flourishing career as a speaker for Fortune Top 500 companies.

Her strength lies in how well she manages to instill a competitive mindset throughout her workshops, keynotes or master classes. Notions like ‘grit’, ‘determination’ or ‘resilience’ are conveyed with flair and valuable insights from Deborah’s sports career.

Deborah Gardner, How to Encourage Innovation in Your Organization to Get Winning Results

So if you want to leverage the untapped potential of your employees, Deborah is one of the best choices you can make. A decision made by the likes of Walmart, Bank of America, Chevron or Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Simon T. Bailey

Being in the top 10 most booked corporate speakers of the U.S.A. is a business card like no other, and Simon T. Bailey sure has it.

His work with 1,500 companies as a speaker is solidly backed up by a prior role as a sales director in the entertainment industry. However, once he started developing learning programs for organizations, he has constantly solidified his reputation as a top-tier thought leader in sales, change, customer development or leadership.

Simon T. Bailey

To better understand how Simon manages to encourage innovation in every company he works with, here’s a brief list of the topics he approaches:

  • pursuing leadership in unstable environments
  • establishing an innovation-driven mindset
  • instilling an educational culture.

Joseph Michelli

Joseph is that speaker who’ll help you encourage innovation and excel at customer service.

His keynote speeches focus on best business practices for organizations which understand the value of customer-centric strategies.

Joseph Michelli

Joseph will succeed in conveying the importance that customer development is seen as a driving force for growth. He will stress the role customer loyalty plays for every other department of a business, something which ensures the most solid ground to any sustainable growth strategy.

Joseph’s expertise mainly comes from thoroughly examining and writing about key points leading to the success of companies like Zappos, Starbucks, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel or Mercedes-Benz.

Want to Encourage Innovation Within Your Team?

There are even more speakers you could rely on. The Grable Group list of amazing speakers is growing by the day, and you only need to reach out to us for more assistance with choosing – and then eventually booking – one of them.

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