3 Energetic Speakers Who Give Only the Best Business Advice

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Written by Tim Grable

October 30, 2018

If you want to educate the audience, then you have to offer them a learning experience unlike no other.

For that, your event needs a hefty roster of energetic speakers that bring fresh new ideas into the public’s eye.

If you have been looking for this kind of performers, then look no further than this article. The speakers featured here have only the best business advice to give!

1. Richard Hight

First off on our list is a speaker who puts the “I” in Inspire. Richard Hight focuses on bringing out the “I” in each of his listeners, as he strives to make people realize their potential and turn vague ideas into actionable plans.

Many energetic speakers rely on stage presence to get their point across. However, he stands out by tuning into his artistic side. More specifically, throughout his show, he uses paintings, music, and poetry to express his ideas.

Check this following video to see Richard give a speech about the creative fears which an artist experiences before creating a masterpiece:

According to him, it takes much courage and willpower to overcome such barriers. Once a person manages to overcome them, though, amazing things follow.

So that’s not only true for artists, but for people in all lines of work. A businessperson can’t deliver his best if he’s holding off from his real potential.

What your audience can expect from Richard’s keynote is a lot of energy, passion, and invigoration. His speech is tailored to make his listeners experience a reawakening of their abilities.

Similar to artists, businesspeople should not be afraid to explore, take risks and be innovative. Richard teaches this lesson splendidly in a motivational session which your audience will enjoy every second of.

2. Chip Eichelberger

Chip is a leader in business advice and one of the most-known energetic speakers out there. He has had over 1000 shows across the US, UK, and Australia over the last 5 years.

Through the years, he has managed to develop a style of his own which blends humor, a high-energy stage presence and tons of interactive moments.

The subject matter of his keynotes is about being consistent and competitive in today’s marketplace.

Check out this video showcasing some of Chip’s best presentations:

While on the subject of energy and vitality, it’s important to mention that this type of attitude plays a significant role in Chip’s entire program. In his view, businesspeople need to invest 120% of themselves in their endeavors.

In one of his keynotes, titled “Get Switched On!”, Chip talks about the importance of aiming for the best results. He says that people should look to reevaluate their entire game plan to deliver their very best.

His goal is to make everyone in the audience look at their performance, their results and to see where they can improve.

3. Richard Worzel

He is a futurist, and his role is to equip his audience better to prepare for what the future might offer.

The future is unpredictable, but with the help of Richard, guests can learn how to prepare better and deal with the uncertainty.

During his talks, Richard uses his experience as a financial analyst and business visionary to dig deep into the subject of innovation and to help his audience better realize how they too can innovate in their field.

Watch him explain his profession in more details in the following video:

He is the speaker which many regret not having on stage sooner. This comes from Richard’s multifaceted routine which can fit quite well with a corporate audience.

His performances include moments of light-hearted humor, heartfelt inspiration, and stone-cold realism, making Richard the ideal pick for those business meetings that need some diversity.

Richard, however, doesn’t just bring a different attitude to the table. What makes him stand out are his innovative ideas.

On the Lookout for Energetic Speakers?

3 Energetic Speakers Who Give Only the Best Business Advice

The speakers featured in this article will electrify the attendants at your event with their inspiring ideas. So, if you are interested in booking them or finding other high-octane performers, then give us a call at 615 283 0039, and we will gladly assist you!

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