Hosting an Event in Houston? 4 Top Speakers from Texas to Consider

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Written by Tim Grable

September 23, 2017

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Your next event in Houston is approaching fast. You have already come up with a budget, selected a beautiful venue and picked the best menu. Your event is bound to be a smashing success, right?

Well, wait a minute now. How about entertainment?

Picking the right entertainment is just as important as choosing the right venue and the right decorations – if not more.

Luckily, there are several great speakers from Texas who can add value and distinction to your upcoming event. We have included four of the best ones in this article:Hosting an Event in Houston? 4 Top Speakers from Texas to Consider1. Michael Smalley

Michael Smalley is best known as a marriage and relationship expert. He has made a fruitful career out of teaching couples the principles needed for building better, stronger relationships which last a lifetime.

Through well-placed humor, straightforward remarks and witty stories, Michael talks about topics which are typically hard to approach in a public setting.

His talks are easy to-relate-to and highly-entertaining, which makes it easy for audiences to learn through laughter.

If you are looking for speakers in Texas who can inspire and challenge people to flourish in their most meaningful relationships, Michael is someone to put on top of the list.

michael and amy smalley

An excellent choice for:

  • Christian events,
  • Corporate events,
  • Special events for married couples.

2. Captain Scott O’Grady

We could not talk about top speakers from Texas and leave New York Times best-selling author, Captain Scott O’Grady, out of the conversation.

As an Air Force pilot, Scott O’Grady was shot down over Serbian-held Bosnia. His book, Return with Honor, describes his experiences being in hostile territory for six days, as well as the strategies he used to avoid the enemy and survive.

In addition to the lessons he is learned from his experience as a pilot, Captain Scott O’Grady also speaks about leadership, teamwork, finding motivation and the importance of persevering. Captain Scott O'Grady

An excellent choice for:

  • Business events,
  • Inspirational events,
  • Fundraisers,
  • Christian events.

3. Mark Matlock

Mark Matlock is an ordained minister and youth pastor who has dedicated a significant portion of his life to working with students, parents and youth pastors.

As the Executive Director for Youth Specialties (YS), he is very much invested in providing young people with the means to learn and connect with God and one another.

Mark speaks about parenting, young leadership, God’s word and the importance of developing biblical wisdom in our lives, among others.Mark Matlock 2015 low res

An excellent choice for:

  • Christian events,
  • Family-centered gatherings,
  • Youth events,
  • Student conferences.

4. Jim “The Rookie” Morris

Have you seen “The Rookie,” starring Dennis Quaid? Well, the movie is based on the life story of one of the most in-demand speakers from Texas: Jim Morris.

Jim knows a thing or two about how important it is never to stop chasing your dreams.

His own life experience has taught him goals can drive real change and bring tremendous success, as long as they are supported by hard work and determination.

Moreover, he now encourages others to leverage the power of dreams to build better careers and more fulfilling relationships.

A polished inspirational and motivational speaker, Jim can make a genuine connection with his audience by using humor and by speaking from the heart.

An excellent choice for:

  • Corporate meetings,
  • Church events,
  • School gatherings,
  • Nonprofit events.

We Manage the Best Speakers from Texas

Guests might not remember what color were the seat slipcovers, but they will remember the entertainment and whether the event offered them any value or not.

If you are interested in booking high-quality speakers with extensive experience and knowledge, we can help.

The Grable Group manages a select pool of speakers with vast experience in fundraising, corporate events and more.

Make sure to contact us using this short online form as soon as possible and give us more details about your event in Houston.

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