3 Things That Make Expert Keynote Speakers Standout From The Rest

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Written by Tim Grable

June 5, 2022

There’s quite a market out there for keynotes. However, with so many speakers, it’s challenging to find those that are the right fit for your event.

While many speakers have specific expertise or tackle a certain niche topic, finding one who would resonate with your organization’s values gets challenging.

As a solution, we recommend looking for certain qualities shared among the best speakers out there. And in this article, we give you 3 criteria that will help you pick the expert keynote speakers from the crowd.

Years of Proven Experience

Being active for many years is indicative that the speaker has been doing something right. Their ideas and work ethic are relevant to the audience and were so for a prolonged period.

An example to prove this rule is Mary Kelly‘s career. She’s a highly experienced professional who has worked in the navy before switching to being a motivational speaker focusing on economy and leadership. Her army experience as a naval intelligence officer, coupled with her experience as a speaker, equals 25 years of accumulated knowledge.

This has honed her skills as a trainer and her ability to deliver actionable advice to professionals from various fields. 

Having so many years under her belt, Mary has also developed a highly energetic and people-centric attitude. She is very engaging during her speeches and can reach audiences like few others.

Mary Kelly

Customer Testimony

Testimonies have a long tradition in the industry, and it’s good for clients to leave their honest opinions about how a presentation panned out for them and the audience. 

Since the client is a firsthand witness of a speaker’s performance, their opinion about the keynote speaker is highly relevant. 

We believe that good reviews and positive testimonies indicate that the speaker has brought value to the client.

Take Stephen Shapiro’s case as an example. He’s a highly experienced speaker who works directly with organizations to help them with innovation and technology. Not only that, but he also works with leaders and managers, helping them solve disruptions that they encounter during work.

Stephen is in an advantageous position where clients have full transparency about how he works. Because of this, they can offer feedback that’s more in line with his prowess as a professional.

You can check all the testimonies from his clients here:

 Stephen Shapiro

Speaker Certification

Speaker certifications are a formal way to acknowledge that a speaker has mastered a specific skill or has earned a degree in a particular field. They are an excellent way to measure if the speaker can deal with various topics.

One highly regarded certification in the industry is the CSP – Certified Speaking Professional. It was established in 1980; it is an industry-leading qualification proof of quality. Professionals with the CSP badge have earned it by meeting strict qualifying criteria.

To see how expert keynote speakers perform, we recommend you look at Stan Phelps. He is CSP-certified, which correlates with the many years of success that he has had as a sales and marketing advisor.

Having been rigorously assessed by a committee, Stan’s skills have been deemed of utmost prestige. This means that he is well equipped to present information in a way that very few others can. 

Where to Find Expert Keynote Speakers

It isn’t easy to find the right speaker for your event. However, all the effort that you put into profiling speakers pays off when you find the one that’s just right.

If any of the speakers we’ve shared in this article have piqued your interest, you’d be glad to know that you can hire them for any of your upcoming events.

You can do so by calling us at 615-283-0039 – and we’ll be glad to assist you!

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