Famous TEDx Speakers You Wouldn’t Want to Miss

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Written by Tim Grable

July 16, 2018


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An organized event is an excellent opportunity to spread inspiring ideas to an audience. Whether it is a seminar or a conference, if there is something to be learned from it, then the experience becomes valuable and thus gratifying.

However, your event can be even more impactful if there are famous TEDx speakers involved, which is why we’ve included a few excellent suggestions in this article.

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Famous TEDx Speakers You Wouldn't Want to Miss

Why Get Famous TEDx Speakers for Your Event?

For starters, there is a certain finesse that goes into delivering a talk in the TEDx format – something that speakers who have participated in these events have come to master.

Here are a few other ways a TEDx speaker can elevate your event:

  • Highly-engaging experience for the audience;
  • Thought-provoking ideas;
  • The speech is tailored to fit a wide array of participants;
  • Flawless delivery of ideas.

Amy Vetter and Dan Diamond are two speakers who have crafted their talks to reach this level of value, and that’s what got them a spot on a TEDx stage and across the screens of many online viewers.

If they were good enough to make it on TEDx, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t consider them for your event. Get to know them better in the following lines:

For Dan Diamond, Success Means Thinking Outside the Box

Dan Diamond has over 30 years working in the field of international disaster and knows how to react in extreme circumstances where being able to perform under pressure is critical.

Another thing you should know about him is that he has graduated with a medical degree and got his residency in family medicine.

Dr. Dan went on to become Director of the Medical Triage Unit of New Orleans. This happened during the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, an event which would put all his years of accumulated experience to the test.

In his view, going through tough moments, although undesirable, is a formative experience that can bring out the best in us. And Dan says that this is the kind of life-changing mindset that many workers are lacking.

In the engaging talk below, Dan sketches his experiences as a first responder to hurricanes and other disasters and shares his thoughts on how difficult times can spark positive change. Take a look:

How to Make a Difference When Times are Tough| Dan Diamond | TEDxRainier

His talks also focus on the subject of professional burnout and why workers become dissatisfied with their workplace and overall trajectory of their careers.

He usually tells his audience that he is a retired street mime and proceeds to imitate a box as an allegory to living an entrapped life. Now that’s an act fit for famous TEDx speakers!

Amy Vetter on the Benefits of Connecting to Your Authentic Self

“Don’t tell your daughter to marry a doctor or a lawyer – tell her to be one.”

This was the mantra that guided Amy Vetter from childhood throughout her career. However, although having ambition and working towards fulfilling your professional goals can be extremely rewarding, it’s not all we should aspire to.

To emphasize the importance of this idea, during her talks, Amy leads her audiences towards finding the path to work-life harmony in their lives.

In her case, that moment of realization came after receiving a promotion as a partner in a CPA firm. The promotion, although wished for, made her recognize that life has so much more to offer than professional achievements.

She is still a CPA, but one who’s on a continuous journey of self-fulfillment and personal accomplishment.

During her talks, she shares heartfelt personal stories of self-discovery which have the power to encourage guests to go about reinventing themselves.

Her advice is to pursue activities that make us feel in sync with our authentic self.  She believes that anyone can balance their career and passions by putting soul into their business ventures.

In the speech below, Amy shares her “recipe” for finding the perfect work-life balance.

Disconnect to Connect: The Path to Work-Life Harmony | Amy Vetter | TEDxCincinnati

What’s Next?

Life-changing stories, ideas worth spreading and a positive attitude, that’s the material from which famous TEDx speakers are made of!

If you want one of the speakers we’ve included in this article on stage at your event, then the next step is to book them as soon as possible!

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