How to Find the Perfect Keynote Speaker (the Easy Way)

Dr. Melaney Sreenan

Written by Tim Grable

April 15, 2019

As the one in charge of picking a keynote speaker for a corporate event, you know that a lot is riding on your choice.

And you want to make sure the keynote speaker will be able to set the right tone for the whole event – and the audience will find the presentation insightful, entertaining and captivating.

Which leads you to this: how do you find that perfect keynote speaker?

In this article, we’ve shared a few essential tips which should help the process go a lot smoother, so make sure to keep reading.

Look for Reviews when Researching Online

A great keynote speaker doesn’t just speak; they know how to engage with the audience and tailor their content to fit the needs of the audience best.  Which is why it’s essential to take time to look at reviews from previous speaking engagements.

This way, you can get a better sense of the kind of reaction the speaker you are considering may get from your guests.

You’ll want someone like Tessa Todd Morgan, a speaker with glowing reviews.

How to Find the Perfect Keynote Speaker (the Easy Way)  

For instance, one of her past clients praised Tessa’s presentation at the Women in Commerce Fall Luncheon & Conference and noted she did a fantastic job of tying her expertise to the theme of the event.

Also, he said the presentation kept attendees in suspense, and they thoroughly enjoyed the insights being provided. 

Tessa Todd Morgan is a personal growth coach, an accredited trainer in Emotional Intelligence and a mindfulness expert. She coached hundreds of organizations to achieve a balance of mental, physical and spiritual wellness.

Her presentations are aimed at teaching people how to take mindful control of their daily lives, reduce stress and increase their productivity.

Know Experience Is Always a Plus

Nothing can substitute for experience. A speaker who has a lot of experience in professional speaking is more likely to have the skills needed to engage with the audience and present her/his ideas in a captivating way.

Plus, more often than not, having experience is linked to expertise, which ensures your speaker will be able to offer something truly valuable and unique.

Taking those two aspects into account Dr. Melaney Sreenan is what you would call a perfect keynote speaker.

Dr. Melaney Sreenan

A coach and leader in the field of Clinical Psychology, she is an expert in self-discovery, personal growth, and life-altering change.

She is known internationally as a Neuroscience expert and has inspired audiences for over 30 years.

Dr. Melaney Sreenan also provides counseling, coaching and psychological services for couples, groups, families, individuals or business organizations.

If you decide to book her for your event, you can choose from a wide array of programs, such as:

  • Cognitive Success: the Neuroscience of Leadership.” The content is aimed at helping individuals become stronger leaders by changing their beliefs and perceptions.
  • Emotional Intelligence & Conflict Resolution in the Workplace.” Guests will learn how to resolve conflicts faster, communicate more effectively and increase their self-confidence.
  • The Neuroscience of Wellness & Life Balance.” The program will help guests retain a more positive attitude during stressful times and heavy workloads.

Work with a Professional Agency to Find Your Perfect Keynote Speaker Faster

If you are looking to speed up the process of finding and booking a high-quality expert speaker for your event, then you may want to consider teaming up with a professional entertainment agency like The Grable Group.

This way, you can have instant access to a vast pool of best-in-class speakers who are experts in their fields.

3 Important Qualities to Look for in Your Keynote Speakers

What makes the difference between an ok speaker and a truly extraordinary one? How can you spot someone who will not only provide exciting content, but who will also manage to build a connection with your guests?

Every individual is unique, but the best keynote speakers share a few essential qualities you need to keep an eye out for. 

How to Find the Perfect Keynote Speaker (the Easy Way)

1. Relevant Expertise

Having an expert speaker will add credibility to your event and make it seem more worthwhile.

Expertise means someone is qualified to provide insight and advice on a specific topic, so this is one quality you definitely shouldn’t compromise on when searching for the perfect keynote speaker.

You’ll want someone who is an authority on the subjects they talk about during their presentations and experience to deliver strong messages which will teach and inspire the audience.

Here are two such speakers who fit the description perfectly:

  • Chris Baldwin. Chris is a thought leader in digital transformation, disruptive technologies, digital innovation, and an expert on creating meaningful relationships using technology. With his keynotes, he helps leaders layout innovative ways to build relationships through technology.
  • Karin Hurt. An award-winning author and former A former Verizon Wireless executive, Karin has over two decades of experience in customer service, sales and human resources. As a speaker, she inspires today’s leaders by sharing practical leadership knowledge she acquired over her extensive career.

2. Empathy

When preparing their speech presentation, many keynote speakers start by thinking about what is they want to say.

However, a genuinely great, inspiring speaker thinks about what the audience needs to hear.

These speakers start from the perspective of their audience, seeking primarily to serve the audience’s aim and help them find solutions to their problems. In doing so, they become an authority who is listened to and respected.

Robin Dreeke

Robin Dreeke is one of those keynote speakers who will go above and beyond to ensure his presentations tackle real issues his audiences face.

With his keynotes, he addresses some of the core challenges today’s leaders and organizations face in terms of building a culture of trust.

By leveraging his experience as the leader of the FBI’s elite Behavioral Analysis Program, Robin can share specific, actionable techniques his audience can use to inspire trust, connect with others and create healthy valued relationships.

Watch the video below to get to know Robin a little bit better.

3. Authenticity

Being authentic means being honest; it means being original and unique.

Also, it’s those speakers who showcase their authenticity manage to create a meaningful connection to their audience.

However, how can you know if a speaker is authentic or not? Here are a few things you can try:

  • Watch videos showing them in action on stage. Look at whether they make eye contact with the audience and whether they rely on personal experiences to make a point. Pay attention to the overall vibe they put off – if you get a sense they are not authentic, you’re probably right.
  • Be a diligent researcher and read as many reviews and testimonials as you can. This can give you some insight into whether the speaker you are considering is, at least, perceived as being genuine by the audience.

Your Source of Top Keynote Speakers

There are over 1 400 amazing speakers and entertainers included in our ever-growing portfolio. So, if you’re looking for more options, that’s where to find them.

Also, for any questions, you’d like to ask about our speakers or the booking process you can call us any time you need at (615) 283-0039.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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